Normandale Community College

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Coming to Campus? Everyone must complete screening questions before entering the building. Click "Coronavirus Links and Resources" for details.

Coronavirus Links and Resources


Name Phone Email Room Title
Tamany Abou Aiad 952-358-8518 Email NULL Instructor
Todd Coleman 952-358-8563 Email S 1306 Instructor
Angela Foudray 952-358-9042 Email S 1306 Instructor
Melanie Galloway 952-358-9186 Email F 1256 Instructor
Korey Haynes 952-358-8993 Email NULL Instructor
Megan Jaunich 952-358-8200 Email NULL Instructor
Julie Johnson 952-358-8462 Email S 1308 Instructor
Susan Kasahara 952-358-9237 Email S 1308 Instructor
Gaio Lakin 952-358-8775 Email S 2302 Instructor
John Lasswell 952-358-9238 Email S 1335 Instructor
Steve Osell 952-358-8420 Email S 1342 College Lab Assistant
Ken Pottebaum 952-358-9225 Email F 1256 Instructor
Derek Steele 952-358-8721 Email S 2303 Instructor
Martin Stickney 952-358-8355 Email S1348 Fab Lab CLA
Jami Viergets 952-358-8771 Email S 1320 Physics/Geog Lab Assistant
Tony Weinbeck 952-358-9034 Email C 2059 Instructor
Bob Wellington 952-358-8803 Email F 1256 Instructor
Rand Whillock 952-358-8461 Email S 1335 Instructor