Why Study Spanish?

Students often ask, “What can I do with Spanish as a career?”

The answer is…almost anything!

In our globally competitive world and within our locally diverse community, knowing Spanish opens doors in many fields.

Spanish will enhance your career opportunities in government, business, education, medicine, law, hospitality management, retail industry, law enforcement, and social services, just to name a few.

Why Study Spanish at Normandale?

Whether you want to learn Spanish for professional or personal reasons, to travel or to further your academic studies as a Spanish major or Spanish minor, Normandale Community College’s well respected two-year Spanish language program provides you with a solid foundation to meet your goals.

As a Spanish student in our program, you have the opportunity to build your language skills, study Spanish-speaking cultures, participate in Service Learning in the Latino community in the Twin Cities’ area, join a language club or travel abroad to gain new cultural perspectives.

The Spanish Division of the World Languages and Cultures Department offers an AA with Emphasis in Spanish to students who take 18 credits within our department. There is also a 13-credit option for students who complete the highest levels of Spanish at Normandale. 

In addition, the Spanish Division has a partnership with the Spanish Department at Minnesota State University at Mankato, which facilitates easy transfer into their Spanish language major or minor.