About Us

Because the Theatre Department is relatively small, students get maximum opportunity to participate in all areas of production. The faculty have extensive professional experience that span stage, film and TV.

Mission statement

The Theatre Department offers students the opportunity to explore the theatrical arts academically, professionally, and in performance. Introductory coursework in theatre, television, and cinema not only prepares students to understand how plays, programs, and films are made, but also helps them comprehend the roles played by the dramatic arts in their local, national, international, and multicultural communities. Workshop-based instruction in the performing and technical arts offers some students a hands-on opportunity to participate in the theatre, and prepares others for careers in theatre or theatre education, or to transfer to other institutions. Department productions enable students and community to pursue lifelong learning by exploring the forms of expressions through which we interpret ourselves and the world.

  • Quality teaching accessible programs, and supportive services that respond to the changing needs of our students.
  • Rigorous Associate degree-level liberal arts and technical curricula which meet or exceed transfer and workplace standards.
  • Educational experiences which enable students to understand and celebrate their diverse communities.
  • Continuing education and training opportunities that foster lifelong learning.