Normandale Community College

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Name Phone Email Room Title
Mark Anderson 952-358-9441 Email A 2569 Instructor
Headshot of Kris Bigalk
Kris Bigalk 952-358-8384 Email C 2160 Instructor
Lisa Borys Jensen 952-358-8510 Email NULL Instructor
Liz Caswell 952-358-8689 Email NULL Instructor
Johan Christopherson 952-358-8831 Email C2173 Instructor
Alicia Conroy 952-358-8401 Email C2181 Instructor
Heidi Czerwiec 952-358-9157 Email A 2569 Instructor
Headshot of Dan Darling
Dan Darling 952-358-9143 Email C 2163 Instructor
Erik DeLapp 952-358-9213 Email Off Site Instructor
Headshot of Loli Dillon
Loli Dillon 952-358-8465 Email C 2158 Instructor
Kari Fisher 952-358-8732 Email C2176 Instructor
Layla Fitchett 952-358-8817 Email F2221 Instructor
Paula Garland 952-358-8387 Email C 2154 Instructor
Sonia Greenfield 952-358-9214 Email C 2077 Instructor
Anne Guidry 952-358-9283 Email A 2569 Instructor
Mary Hammerbeck 952-358-9137 Email A 2569 Instructor
Matthew Harrison 952-358-8606 Email C 2164 Instructor
Diane Heinsohn 952-358-8397 Email C 2166 Instructor
Ross Holmes 952-358-8499 Email A 2569 Instructor
Headshot of Deanna Larsen-Quinn
Deanna Larsen-Quinn 952-358-9328 Email C2175 Instructor
Tom Maltman 952-358-8914 Email C2182 Instructor
Matt Mauch 952-358-8477 Email C2171 Instructor
Will McGrath 952-358-9281 Email C 2086 Instructor
Headshot of Anna Meek
Anna Meek 952-358-8255 Email A 2569 Instructor
Eric Mein 952-358-8332 Email C2165 Instructor
Headshot of Jennifer Miller
Jennifer Miller 952-358-9040 Email C 2169 Instructor
Patrick O'Donnell 952-358-8684 Email C 2168 Instructor
Headshot of Fabiana Oliveira
Fabiana Oliveira 952-358-8579 Email A 2569 Instructor
Headshot of Janet Red Feather
Janet Red Feather 952-358-8799 Email C 2156 Instructor
Melissa Reid 952-358-8821 Email L 1770 Reading
Headshot of John Reimringer
John Reimringer 952-358-8825 Email C2180 Instructor
Headshot of Lynette Reini-Grandell
Lynette Reini-Grandell 952-358-8877 Email C 2157 Instructor
Headshot of Nina Rosenfeld
Nina Rosenfeld 952-358-8577 Email C2172 Instructor
Amy Segelbaum 952-358-8488 Email A 2569 Instructor
Emily Swanson 952-358-9197 Email C 2159 Instructor
Derek Tellier 952-358-8910 Email C 2077 Instructor
Alex Wang 952-358-8381 Email C2178 Instructor
Headshot of Eric Wardell
Eric Wardell 952-358-9340 Email C2174 Instructor
Headshot of Debra Whited
Debra Whited 952-358-8674 Email C 2162 Instructor