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dean trisko abstract painting postcard

Image: Dean Trisko

Current Exhibition

The Abstract Path |
Nov 17 - Dec 16, 2021

Public Opening

Wednesday November 17, 4-7pm in Normandale Fine Arts Gallery | Artist Q&A: 5:00 pm

About the Exhibition, "The Abstract Path"

Lending an abstract eye to re-interpret our natural surroundings, painter Dean Trisko’s monumental canvases will enliven the Normandale Fine Arts Gallery for November and December. Dean Trisko explores the rich colors and limitless shapes of the natural world, and then manipulates form and space through abstract nonrepresentational images. ‘The Abstract Path’ reveals a process in which he guides viewers from early observational studies and aesthetic exercises to his dynamic interpretive abstract works.


The exhibit is free and open to the public. All visitors are asked to honor Normandale and Minnesota State mask mandates, and any changes to building access due to Covid.


For more information, click on the link below.


About Dean Trisko, Abstract Artist

Inspired by nature, my art is based in observation and invigorated by abstraction. My primary interest is to develop work that reflects my sense of wonder and meditation. Through my creative process, I often abstract and simplify to amplify my visual experiences. Art is a dialogue between my internal questions and the delight in the world around me.

Dean Trisko Media

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Gallery Hours

The Normandale Fine Arts Gallery is currently open to the public during normal building hours as follows:

Monday - Thursday: 7 am - 9 pm
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Closed Sundays and Holidays.

We ask that all Visitors honor all Normandale and MNSCU mask mandates and changes to building access due to Covid and related health issues.

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Previous Exhibition

Freedom of the Press | October 14 - November 12, 2021


Public Opening

Tuesday October 19, 4-7pm in Normandale Fine Arts Gallery | Artist Q&A: 5:00 pm

About Georgia Fort, Independent Journalist

Finding humanity in the social and political issues of our times, Georgia Fort's photography captures the broad range of poignant emotions and intense human energies focused through national demonstrations for George Floyd, voting rights, the Presidential election and more...

Georgia Fort has been Emmy nominated twice for news journalism. She is a published reporter for CNN, ABC, NBC, Fox, and CBS, and an associate producer for PBS Frontline's "American Voices".

Her mission as a storyteller is to change the narrative by amplifying truth, citing diverse sources, and contextualizing social justice issues.

Georgia Fort Media

About the Minneapolis Protest Murals, Memorialize the Movement, and Founder/Executive Director Leesa Kelly

The Normandale Fine Arts Gallery will also feature 2 Minneapolis Protest Murals, provided by the nonprofit organization "Memorialize the Movement."

MTM is an ongoing initiative to collect and preserve the plywood protest art that was created in response to the murder of George Floyd in Minneapolis on May 25th, 2020. Their goal is to create a safe and inclusive permanent space for people to reflect on the events that occurred during the summer of 2020 and ensure that we keep this Civil Rights movement going through this art.

"We need the story told in a way that people will absorb it. But not in a way that makes them feel comfortable, they don't need to feel comfortable. They need to know what's happening."

Leesa Kelly

MTM Media

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