Mission Statement

The Humanities division is comprised of Art, English, English for Academic Purposes, Music, Reading, Theatre and World Languages and provides a foundation of general education on which our students can build an academic major. 

The foundation of general education within this division includes:

  • Skills for a life of critical thinking, reflection, research and effective communication.
  • Understanding appreciation and active participation in intellectual, artistic, cultural, linguistic and personal creativity.
  • Challenges that develop new insights about self understanding and about how the self is able to interact with others in relationships both personal and communal.
  • Motivation to be informed, responsible citizens in a representative democracy.
  • Awareness of the human condition in all its diversity and in the contexts of history.
  • Confrontations with issues of social responsibility, human rights and dignity.
  • Fostering knowledge, awareness and desire for continuous learning.
  • Appreciation for the myriad of languages and cultures in our world.

Dean of Humanities

Jeff Judge, Dean of Humanities

Department Chairs

Lazare Rottach, Chair of Fine Arts
F 1291  

Jennifer Miller, Chair of English
C 2092  

Aaron Moe, Chair of Music
F 1280  

Janice Bayer, Chair of Reading
L 1757  

Anne Byrd, Chair of Theatre
F 1217

Heidi Kreutzer, Chair of World Languages
C 2061


Fine Arts Building

Office F 1264

Monday - Friday from 7:00 a.m. - 3:30 p.m.