MANE Philosophy

We believe the purpose of nursing education is to prepare professional nurses to practice successfully in today’s complex health care environment, respond to future health care needs, and lead in the broader health care system.  A commitment to excellence in professional nursing practice, based on a set of collaborative core nursing values and innovation, is reflected in the use of integrative review in a spiraled, competency-based curriculum. 

We believe in a transformative curriculum that moves away from independent silos of education to a collaborative effort between universities, community colleges, and practice with the goal of increasing numbers of baccalaureate prepared nurses in Minnesota.  This collaborative curriculum fosters a seamless transition from associate to baccalaureate nursing education.  

We believe baccalaureate nursing education enhances a comprehensive understanding of healthcare policy, research, systems leadership, and community health nursing.

MANE nursing graduates are educated to use the best available evidence in making sound clinical judgments during provision of safe, high quality, holistic nursing care across the lifespan and the health continuum.  We believe with the use of informational technology, a nurse is prepared to provide health care in a variety of environments.   

We believe nurses act as transformational leaders and vital members of an interdisciplinary team.  A strong focus on health promotion supports nursing graduates to best serve diverse individuals, families, and communities locally, nationally, and globally.

We believe adult learners must be actively engaged in the learning process. We value lifelong learning, reflective nursing practice, and insights gained through self-analysis and self-care.   Faculty members teaching in the MANE curriculum model professionalism, scholarship, inclusiveness, beneficence, and collegiality.  This transformative approach to nursing education encourages deep understanding of key nursing concepts while addressing the changing healthcare environment.

For more information about the MANE program, please visit the MANE website.