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Providing a Strong Start

As a Normandale nursing student, you will be engaged in a variety of classroom, laboratory and clinical experiences, all designed to provide a foundation upon which you will build your nursing career. Nursing students participate in a variety of faculty-led student groups and independent learning experiences.

Examples include faculty lectures, case studies, skills laboratory practice, simulation laboratory experiences and clinical rotations. As an active learner, you will begin to develop the clinical reasoning skills you will use throughout your career.

Career Development and Lifelong Learning

To promote seamless progression toward a Bachelor of Science in nursing degree (BSN) students admitted to Normandale's nursing program will receive dual admission to the Metropolitan State University nursing program. Please click here for more information.

Upon successful completion of semester five of the Normandale nursing program, you will receive an Associate of Science degree with a nursing major and be eligible to take the NCLEX-RN. You may continue to progress in the MANE curriculum (this is not dependent upon licensure as a RN) earning a BSN after successful completion of 120 credits (eight semesters). Your associate degree in nursing and successful NCLEX RN will also position you to continue your education towards a Bachelor of Science degree in nursing (BSN) at a wide variety of programs within and outside of the Minnesota State system.

In addition to the ability to continue on in school, your learning skills will assist you as you begin your first position as a professional nurse and throughout your nursing career. Working closely with faculty members and your peers will further prepare you to be a member of the healthcare team. Teamwork will be an essential skill throughout your career and it's one that the Normandale nursing program emphasizes.


Normandale nursing graduates are employed in a wide variety of healthcare setttings. Examples include hospitals, community/clinic settings, long-term and transitional care and in-home health care. For more information nursing salary information in Minnesota, click here.


Normandale nursing welcomes LPNs wishing to continue their nursing education. LPNs may apply in each application cycle. LPN applications are ranked as part of the larger application pool.

Nursing Program Application

Admission to Normandale’s Associate Degree nursing program is a competitive process. Students applying for nursing who are not current Normandale students please see our college application checklist for details.  

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Within the Minnesota State system, you can go on to a Bachelor of Science degree at any one of these institutions:

Nursing Programs

Award School
Bachelor of Science in Nursing Metropolitan State University
Normandale nursing students receive dual admission to the nursing program at Metropolitan State University.
Bachelor of Science in Nursing Winona State University
Bachelor of Science in Nursing Minnesota State University, Mankato
Bachelor of Science in Nursing Minnesota State University Moorhead
Bachelor of Science in Nursing Bemidji State University

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