Required Information

Dental Patient Getting a Cleaning

All patients of the Dental Hygiene Clinic should bring the following information to the dental hygiene appointment

  1. A list of all prescriptions, over-the counter medications and herbal supplements - including dosages.
  2. The name of the patient's physician and/or medical clinic.
  3. The name of the patient's dentist.
  4. A list of questions or concerns.

Important information regarding pre-existing conditions

All patients that have a history of the following conditions should contact their physicians to see if antibiotic pre-medication is needed prior to dental treatment.

Note: If required pre-medication is not taken prior the appointment the patient will be rescheduled.

Conditions include

  • Heart surgeries
  • Heart valve replacements
  • Knee joint replacement
  • Hip joint replacement
  • Other medical conditions

Note: Patients that are taking blood thinner medications should have a recent INR evaluation prior to their appointment.

All patients may download and complete the Medical history and Patients' Bill of Rights forms and bring them to their appointment. For patients under the age of 18, a parent or guardian must complete the forms. See Documents and Links page to obtain the forms.