The Philosophy Department will instruct students in the history, topics and methodologies of philosophy from diverse times and cultural settings. In order to aid in reflection, the department will also instruct students in skills for argumentation and analytical problem solving.

The department offers a complete selection of lower division courses for a major in philosophy as well as related areas such as religion or humanities. Students planning a four-year college degree typically include philosophy courses toward this major while they complete the Associate of Arts degree during their first two years. Strong emphasis is placed on comparative philosophies and religions, applied ethics and symbolic logic.

While students are fully able to transfer to colleges throughout the nation, the majority of our students plan to transfer to a Minnesota State University, the University of Minnesota, or a regional private university. Many students also take Philosophy courses to develop personal skills, because of an interest in ethics/ideas/reasoning, or for career enhancement. Other students may take philosophy courses to fulfill requirements for a two-year Associate of Science or Associate of Applied Science degree.

Careers related to this major include law, religious vocations and environmental sciences. In addition, many students majoring in philosophy are well prepared for graduate programs in a variety of fields.

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