Normandale Community College

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Coming to Campus? Everyone must complete screening questions before entering the building. Click "Coronavirus Links and Resources" for details.

Coronavirus Links and Resources


Name Phone Email Room Title
Christopher Flynn 952-358-8829 Email F 2211 Instructor
Robert Frame 952-358-8889 Email F 2202 Instructor
Adam Gish 952-358-9056 Email F 2211 Instructor
Joel Juen 952-358-9241 Email F 2211 Instructor
Scott McDowell 952-358-9144 Email F 2211 Instructor
Jack Norton 952-358-8911 Email F 2204 Instructor
Aliza Novacek-Olson 952-358-9485 Email F 2211 Instructor
Erik Riker-Coleman 952-358-8515 Email NULL Instructor
Lisa Rude 952-358-8688 Email F 2208 Instructor
Celeste Sharpe 952-358-8377 Email C 3149 Instructor
Franz Young 952-358-8200 Email NULL NULL