Business and Social Sciences

Mission Statement

Departments in the Division of Business and Social Sciences strive for instructional excellence in providing a quality education to students.  Our many departments provide general education courses, workforce programs, and specific occupational training. 

Dean of Business, Social Sciences 

Michael Kirch, Dean of Business and Social Sciences

Samantha Knutson, Assistant to the Dean

Department Chairs (2017-2018)

Steve Everett, Accounting

Dan Creed, Business, Hospitality Management, Computer Information Management
             Coordinator for CIM, Mary Ann Johnson
             Coordinator for HSMA, Brandon Supernault

Aimee DuBois, Communication

Dan Norgard, Economics

Ben Maegi, History, Political Science (HIPS)

Linda Canzanella, Philosophy

Korinne Cikanek, Psychology

Susan Krook, Sociology, Women's Studies, Anthropology, Law Enforcement (SWALE)
              Coordinator for Law Enforcement, Stephen Sullivan