Study Strategies

Many students struggle through college because they have never developed any study skills to improve their learning experiences. If you have to take just one course to improve your grades and overall satisfaction with your college experience, this would be it.

Here are some of the areas covered with this college study strategies course:

  • Goal setting and organization at the college level
  • Time management, especially important if you are juggling a job with college or taking multiple courses at once
  • Active listening and effective note-taking in lectures
  • Successful reading comprehension strategies for a variety of content areas adn formats
    • College textbook reading
    • Reading for online courses
  • Building your vocabulary to increase your comprehension
  • Memory and concentration skills and tips
  • Learning styles and preferences
  • Note taking systems that work
  • Test preparation, test taking strategies and test anxiety management
  • Skills for successful online course completion

The College Study Strategies Course (READ 1104) covers the most essential skills for success at college.

Discussing Study Strategies at Normandale