College Readiness

Before you take your first class at Normandale, your knowledge of math, reading and writing have to be determined so you can start at the right place for your studies here.

It's just as important not to start below your current levels as it is to over-extend yourself by taking a class that is too far ahead of your past studies.

So college readiness is an important factor to know to make sure that your academic career here is a success from start to finish.

Satisfying Prerequisites with Tests

The main three subject areas that are covered by placement tests are math, reading and writing. If you score high enough, you can "test-out" of some prerequisite courses.

Prerequisites can be satisfied by-

  • Taking the required course(s) at Normandale or at another college institution
  • Placement via the Accuplacer placement examination
  • Achieving a high enough score on the ACT/SAT tests in math, reading or writing
  • Advanced Placement Testing.

Placement can also be determined from national standardized admission tests, such as the ACT, SAT or the College Boards Advanced Placement Program. In other words, if you do well on any of those tests in Reading, you may be able to begin your college level coursework above the introductory level.

Due to the, "use it or lose it" nature of academics, prerequisites must be satisfied in the period of two years prior to enrollment in order to apply.

View the Admissions page page for more details.

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Placement Testing

All students, even recent high school graduates, should review and study up on their math, writing and reading knowledge prior to taking the placement test.  You don't want to start at a level lower than you need to. 

After completing your tests, you will visit with a counselor/advisor to view the results and recommendations for registering for your opening courses at Normandale.

More information on placement testing is available here.


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