Remember what you just read...

Take tests with less stress,

Manage your time better...


The Reading department can help students with their reading comprehension and reading strategies. But reading and study strategies courses can help in many other ways that will make taking classes at Normandale more successful and less stressful.

Consider courses in the Reading department if:

  • You cannot remember what you have just read.
  • You do not understand a lot of the vocabulary when you read.
  • You cannot pick out the important information to remember.
  • Your mind wanders when you read.
  • You read too slowly or too fast.
  • Reading assignments seem overwhelming.
  • You avoid reading.
  • You think reading is boring,.
  • You procrastinate.
  • You want to become a better reader.

If any of these problems apply to you, consider our courses in Reading and Study Strategies.

These are obstacles many students face every day, and our courses are designed to meet the challenges you encounter as a reader in college.

Any student can benefit from the Reading courses.

Reading is a good investment in making success easier here at Normandale and throughout your life.

Reading at Normandale