Normandale Updated Academic Information During COVID-19

Normandale sent out the following email message about academic planning for the 2020 Fall Semester to students on May 13, 2020. 

Normandale Updated Academic Information During COVID-19

Normandale Updated Academic Information During COVID-19 (Updated May 4, 2020 at 6:00 p.m.) 

Extended Withdrawal Deadline

The original deadline to withdraw from a full-term spring course was April 21, 2020 (or 80% completion of the semester). This deadline has been pushed back to May 4, 2020 (90% of the term) to give students more time to decide if they can complete the course.

Is this the right option for you?

  • A W is not factored into your GPA. If you do not believe it will be possible to complete a course, a withdrawal may be a good option. You will not need to return any financial aid at this point, and it may allow you to focus on your other courses.
  • If you withdrew from a Spring 2020 class any time after 3/12/2020, your withdrawal (W) from will not be considered when we calculate Satisfactory Academic Progress.
  • Is it possible you will get a D? If so, you may want to stay in the course and keep it for a letter grade if your GPA will stay above 2.0. A course with a D grade will meet a requirement for the Minnesota Transfer Curriculum (MnTC) and many prerequisites and degree requirements. Consult with an advisor or counselor to determine the option that's best for you.

Other considerations:

  • A Withdrawal (W) may impact your student loan deferment status. In order to remain in in-school status (and not repayment status), students must be enrolled for at least 6 credits. Withdrawn courses are considered not enrolled and may change this status.  
  • You will not earn credit for withdrawn courses, and there is no refund.
  • Withdrawn classes may delay graduation. Be sure to talk with an advisor or counselor to update your academic plan.  

How Does It Work? Students can withdraw in e-Services (and get a grade of W) in the "View/Modify Schedule" section of "Courses & Registration" until May 4.

Pass/No Credit Grading Option

The Pass/No Credit grading method is available for any Spring 2020 class. Before you choose this option, review the Updated Academic Information During COVID-19 to ensure you fully understand the implications. Make the selection using the Grade Method Change eForm.  

Courses numbered 1000 and higher are normally assigned grades of A, B, C, D, or F. For Spring 2020 courses, students may choose the Pass (P)/No credit (NC) grading option instead. A "Pass" indicates the course was completed with a grade of C or better, and "No Credit" would be assigned in place of a D or F. 

Students who do not choose the P/NC grading option will be graded according to the traditional grade method.

Is this the right option for you?

  • Pass/No Credit grades are not calculated into GPA, so it is low-risk way to keep making academic progress. If the stress of COVID-19 or shifting to the online format has been challenging for you and you are unsure if you should withdraw from a course or stay enrolled, this is a good option.
  • You can decide your grade option for each course, so you can allow for traditional grades in some courses, and P/NC in others.
  • D versus NC. Whether a grade of D is better than taking an NC or vice versa is different for each student-maybe even each class.  

    You may want to keep the D to earn credit for the course; it will still meet a requirement for the Minnesota Transfer Curriculum (MnTC) and many prerequisites and degree requirements.  A grade of D will calculate in your GPA and count as credits attempted/earned when assessing Satisfactory Academic Progress.  

    In P/NC grading, a D is a grade of NC, which means 0 credits earned and no requirements met. A grade of NC does not calculate in your GPA but will count as credits attempted/not earned when assessing Satisfactory Academic Progress.
  • F versus NC. A grade of NC is normally preferable to an F because it doesn't affect your GPA.  However, if  you receive VA benefits, be sure you connect with your School Certifying Official to be sure the switch to an NC will not impact your benefits eligibility.

Other considerations

  • Will your program accept P grades? Due to licensure, accreditation and other standards, some degree programs require courses to be graded A-F, so a course with a P grade wouldn't be accepted or meet a requirement.  Be sure to consult with program advisors at Normandale and/or your future institution to ensure you are making the best decision for you.
  • P grades may impact future admission into transfer or graduate programs or institutions. If you plan to transfer to another college or university within the Minnesota State system, your courses with P grades are guaranteed to transfer.  Many colleges and universities outside of Minnesota State are also offering students this option. Although it is our hope that there will be flexibility in the future, we don't know how courses with P/NC grades will be accepted or impact future admission into competitive programs.
  • Students who receive VA Education Benefits should consult Normandale Veterans Advisor/VA Certifying Official Lori York ( before changing to Pass/No Credit, as this grade option can negatively impact their benefits eligibility.
  • Questions? Talk with an advisor or counselor.

How does it work? 

  • Speak with an advisor or counselor to ensure you fully understand the possible long-term or permanent implications of this change.
  • Submit the Grade Method Change eForm (will be a link) between Tuesday, May 5 and Friday, May 29. Forms will be processed beginning May 26. You will receive emails when your form has been received and when it's been processed.
  • Final grades will be posted to your student record by 11:59 pm Tuesday, May 19. Log in to eServices to review the grades you would receive via the course's traditional grade method. If you previously elected the P/NC grading method and wish to reverse it based on the grade you received, submit a new Grade Method Change request form.
  • The final deadline to select a grade method change is Friday, May 29, 2020. 
  • If you wish to keep your grading method as it is (A-F for courses numbered 1000 and above, P/NC or A-F for courses numbered below 1000), you don't need to do anything.