Feng Shui Tips

These cool tips have been provided to you by Carole Hyder. Carole is a valued instructor for Normandale's Center for Applied Learning (Continuing Education) and has been a Feng Shui consultant since 1992. She has authored two Feng Shui books, a video and is the founder and instructor of The Wind and Water School of Feng Shui. Carole has a Masters degree in East Asian Studies at the University of Minnesota.

Easy, Fun Tips for Health and Wellness

  • A solid headboard on your bed can symbolize the support you need in life.
  • Remove nine items each day for nine days to get a handle on clutter.
  • Don't have childhood toys in your bedroom if you want to be treated like an adult.
  • Use your front door often to open up to new opportunities.
  • For clear vision about the future, keep the windows in your house clean and accessible.
  • If you can easily see the entry to your office when you sit at your desk, you'll be prepared for what life brings you.
  • The basement represents the past so be mindful of what may be stored there.
  • Use your favorite color whenever you can to make your home a reflection of you.
  • If the reflection in a mirror cuts off your mouth, your voice may not be heard.