Are You a Modern Learner?

By Normandale Community College - Continuing Education


  • use Google every day
  • listen to podcasts
  • attend professional conferences
  • earn credentials to stay current in your field
  • participate in a book club
  • meditate or take time to reflect
  • shop the continuing education schedule (we couldn’t resist)

If you answered yes to even 3 of these statements, consider yourself a bona fide modern learner.

Source: LinedIn's Workplace Learning & Development Report 2018

Look around any public space and you will find evidence that we are all learning and accessing information differently than we did even a few years ago. When was the last time you grabbed your smartphone to find a quick answer to an unexpected question? Listened to your favorite podcast while sitting on your porch? Accessed that class you are taking, on your phone? If you are like many modern learners, the answer to any one of these questions could be … about five minutes ago.

learn anywhere
Whether at work, on a sports field or in an airplane, you can learn wherever you are. Technology is driving the trend towards modern learning.

People are looking for both new and trusted ways to access learning in order to reach personal and professional goals. Whether you define yourself as a business owner, manager, designer, clinician, freelancer or a re-careering professional, Normandale provides a variety of valuable and relevant learning resources and experiences that you can access wherever and whenever you want.

right time and approach
Learning is no longer defined by time or place. It takes many forms ranging from the traditional instructor-led experience to online, independent learning options. You might be looking for resources to solve an immediate problem or you might need a new credential that will move you ahead in your career. Normandale is here to help you explore a full menu of options. We offer information sessions and friendly, one-on-one advising.

access to expertise
At Normandale you have the opportunity to interact with experts and thought leaders from a vast array of emerging and high-demand fields. This summer, for example, we are hosting the Customer Focus North (CFN) conference. It is designed to bring together experts, practitioners and enthusiasts from the field of customer experience (CX). Conference attendees will have the chance to interact with well-known leaders who are creating change in the field of customer engagement and experience.

communities of practice
Today’s workplaces are often organized around cross-functional or customer-focused teams. They allow people with different areas of expertise to connect and work together to move projects forward. While effective, individuals are also looking for the “birds of a feather” experience where they can find deeper opportunities to share, learn and connect. As an example, Normandale is home to a community of practice, the Minnesota Change Management Network (MNCMN). Each month, change leaders, researchers and consultants gather to compare insights, pursue new learnings, gain professional development and engage in community building. If you are interested in checking out a Change Summit, Normandale has free guest passes available each month. We encourage you to take advantage of this modern learning experience.

change of pace
Sometimes we need to get away and escape our daily routines. When we change a habit, we trigger our brains to become more present, which enhances our abilities to learn and remember. As a modern learner, we encourage you to take field trips. You might consider attending World Tai Chi and Qigong Day, a global celebration, offered on Normandale’s campus. You will see demonstrations and experience the ancient healing art of Tai Chi with master instructors and other learners. When you are here, you can also visit and walk through the beautiful, Japanese Garden.

If you are a business owner or manager and want to create memorable learning experiences for your employees, give Normandale a call at 952-358-8343. Teams often come to campus to make use of our state-of-the-art classrooms. We also work with employers to design everything from assessments to workshops to full-scale programs. We are here to help individuals, teams and organizations achieve their learning goals.