Workplace Wellness

Wellness at WorkResearch shows that work environments that support healthy employees provide many benefits:

  • Increased Employee Retention and Loyalty
  • Reduced Stress and Conflict
  • Enhanced Productivity
  • Increased Creativity and Innovation

Normandale is offering a new Workplace Wellness program for organizations of 20 or more. Participating organizations will receive a discount code on selected classes.

Package options include: Stress Reduction, Employee Empowerment, Healthy Options, Healing Modalities from Around the World, and more!

Learn how easy and convenient it is to expand your employee wellness program. Call 952.358.8343



Normandale offers Healthcare Provider CPR and the Healthcare Provider CPR Renewal courses.

Healthcare Provider CPR meets the Level "C" requirements for health care professionals and students. Participants learn and practice CPR and obstructed airway techniques for adults, children, and infants using American Heart Association guidelines. This course also covers using AED.

Healthcare Provider CPR Renewal courses run 4 hours, and include technique updates and hands-on practice.

Integrative Health Workshops

Popular programs include stress reduction, nutrition, communication, creativity, conflict management, feng shui, yoga, tai chi, qigong and meditation. Contact us for more information.

Personal Change

Anyone who has ever tried to change a habit knows it is not as easy as it seems.  But why?  We each have "immunity to change," competing commitments that keep us stuck.  This class will make change theory practical to your unique needs.  Drawing on research from behavioral and social psychology, you'll uncover why changes in the past did not stick, and develop experiments to create happier, healthier patterns.