Movement/Body Work

Move from head to toe with our wide range of movement classes at Normandale.  We offer multiple versions of tai chi, qigong and yoga each term.  Series and workshop topics range from Tai Chi, and Wellness Through Movement, Muscle Testing, Qigong and Meditation for Health and Martial Arts

For health professionals, personal trainers, physical therapists and those interested in teaching in community settings, we offer certifications in Tai Chi for Arthritis Teacher Certifications


Tai Chi

Tai Chi

Tai Chi and Qigong are movement practices for health originating in China.  Normandale offers multiple options; the following descriptions may help you choose the right first step for you.

What is Tai Chi?

Tai Chi, also known as Taiji and Taijichuan, is a Qigong system, because taiji also cultivates energy. Taiji does this by balancing the chi energy in the body. Taijichuan means "ultimate balance or polarity system". However Taiji cultivates balance in many other ways: physical balance, mental balance, psychological balance, and spiritual balance. It is a complete system for balancing one's universe. 

Physical balance is the first benefit of Taiji. There have been evidence based studies that show that Taiji reduces falls. Taiji also promotes general health.  Its balancing nature helps the body to come to equilibrium with one's surrounding environment. Once the body becomes more balanced, the body's natural immune and repair systems can get back to restoring one's health.

Beginning Tai Chi Programs

The most gentle version of Taiji offered is our Tai Chi for Health - Arthritis class.  This is the ideal class for people with poor or compromised health, or those who simply want a soft entry into Taiji.  Instructors in this class are certified in Tai Chi for Arthritis - Seated for participants who have difficulty standing.  Tai Chi for Health- Arthritis is part of the Sun family of Taiji, and a student can continue to grow in Sun style, or move into more strenuous forms of Taijichuan.

For all others wishing to explore Taijichuan, consider the Introduction to the Yang Style class. The Yang style Taijichuan style is the most popular style in the world, practiced daily in the parks in China. It is a complete system; from meditation thru formwork (including weapons) and a push hands system to test a student's progress.  The introduction class covers the history and philosophy of Taijichuan along with the Yang Style movements used in forms.

Beginners are encouraged to attend our Tai Chi Open Houses which will be offered again in the Fall or step into six weeks of Tai Chi for Arthritis, Intro to Yang, Radiant Lotus Qigong or 5 Animal Frolics Qigong.

Beginning level classes are offered each term.  Intermediate and Advanced class options are offered on rotation. Tai Chi courses at a glance.

Martial Options

Fan, saber, and push hands are all martial art skills.  They are options for intermediate and advanced students. However, people can take advanced Taijichuan without the martial aspect.


Tai ChiQigong is a vast collection of related systems that promote "energy cultivation". Qi = energy and gong = cultivation.  Qigong activities range from simple exercises to healing systems. There are over 5000 different Qigong systems. 

Normandale offers many Qigong classes including Radiant Lotus for Women's Health, 5 Animal Frolics for everyone, and special topic classes by Spring Forest Qigong