A Change of MindResearch in the areas of mindfulness, neuroplasticity, visualization and more have provided significant evidence that our brains can be wired and rewired to support our healing and wellness goals.

Some of the most common health conditions now using thought-oriented energy techniques include heart disease, cancer, depression, anxiety and addictions.

Explore our Mind-Body Connection/Stress Management programs such as The Art of Mindfulness, Self-Hypnosis, Mindfulness Qigong and more.


Mindfulness Qigong

You will learn how to use Qigong to enhance your awareness and transform unbalanced energy into something beautiful through meditation and movement. Experience how this practice will lead to improved life energy, a calm mind and mindful living by applying Spring Forest Qigong techniques to enhance health and develop mindful awareness of oneself. All levels of experience are welcome. 5.5 Contact Hours, $129, Gadu Schmitz

The Art of Mindfulness

Mindfulness is an easy antidote to a fast-paced life. Bring mindful makes it easier to savor the pleasures in life, as they occur, and for you to become more fully engaged in life. Learn about eating, movement, gratitude practices and other activities as you begin to open and develop your own mindfulness practice for a healthier life. 6 Contact Hours, $65, Mike Groth