Medical Careers

Normandale offers several training opportunities for entering medical careers.  These fields currently do not require a college degree. Most have national certifications that are the industry-recognized standard for professionals in the field.  Our programs prepare you for these national certifications, and our graduates have high pass rates for the national exams.

Programs Information

Frequently Asked Questions

How do promotions work?

From time to time, we offer promotions including computer items like laptops and Kindle readers, or discounts on the program costs.  These promotions are available to people who pay the complete tuition for the program when they register.  Computer items have an additional fee to pay for shipping.  The easiest way to participate in a promotion is to register with us by phone at 952-358-8343.

What does "WIOA Approved" mean?

WIOA stands for Workforce Investment Act.  If you are a dislocated worker, you may qualify for grant money towards training for a new career, and our programs qualify.  Contact your local Workforce Center to meet with a career advisor.


What about financial aid?

These programs are training programs designed to teach you just the skills you need for a specific medical career.  Since they are not for college credit, they do not qualify for traditional financial aid.

The good news is that payment plans are available through our partner organization.  There are currently two options, a three-month same-as-cash option, and a 12-month option with interest.  Students who choose a payment plan option are not eligible for promotional items or discounts.  You may either choose to participate in a promotion by paying the full amount up front, or receive a payment plan.

How can I learn more?

You can learn more about individual programs through the links above or join our Medical Career Information Session. You can ask questions one on one with Sunny Ainley, Associate Dean of Continuing Education, 952-358-8806.

If you are seeking a college degree, please explore "Programs & Degrees" under, and talk with an admissions representative a 952-358-8201.