Compression Planning

By Continuing Education

Compression Planning is a visual, interactive planning tool that moves TEAMS and IDEAS to ACTION faster

Who uses CP: Mayo Clinic, MNSCU, General Mills, Humana Insurance, Clear Brands and many more!

In our highly networked economy, work has changed dramatically. We are inundated with data and expected to make decisions in record time. We are often assigned to ambiguous projects that require us to juggle the demands of multiple stakeholders and priorities, all of which can be stressful and often unproductive.

While understanding the fundamental nature of this change is important, the real challenge is to help individuals, teams and organizations find those methods and tools that will cut through complex problems and offer strategies to create more actionable solutions. Allowing us to work smarter, not harder. Compression Planning Workshop in May 2015

Compression PlanningTM (CP) is such a method. It provides a framework that enhances productivity and innovation. It offers specific tools to break down barriers, untangle problems, generate new ideas and implement actionable plans - visually, collaboratively and in real-time.

Compression Planning uses a creative brainstorming and storyboarding process designed to engage and focus people on finding new ways to solve challenges.
Tracy Mastel - working on Compression Planning
Leaders, project managers, designers, entrepreneurs, innovators, or anyone charged with implementing creative solutions can benefit from this highly adaptable, easy-to-use method.

Whether you are designing a new business model, defining partnerships and agreements, or integrating the right resources to realize a new opportunity - you can use CP to plan any scale project.

Over the years, Pat McNellis, Compression Planning Co-founder and Facilitator, has worked on more than 500 corporate "mega problems." He shares that in any situation "you'll see groups move quickly from talk to action as they create solutions that have energy and a stickiness that builds commitment and momentum."

According to Pat, the beauty of CP lies in its simplicity and the freedom that comes from one of his favorite mantras "an imperfect action is better than no action."

 This mantra only tells part of the story. The people who use the method sing its praises because of the focus on getting things done. Clear Brands President Brian Cubarney, says "Compression Planning has been by far the single biggest personal and professional catalyst in my 22-year career."

Peter Hughes, Regional Vice President of Business Development and Marketing for Mayo Clinic Health Systems, has used Compression Planning for many years and has integrated the process into his work. He says, "Compression Planning really levels the playing field, and one of the things people like best about the process is it spans the gap for everyone. If you're no-nonsense, you'll like it for that reason. If you're creative, you'll like it because it allows you to be very creative and open to a lot of different directions."

Marissa Dickinson, Physician Liasion at Mayo Clinic Health SystemsPeter has also introduced a number of people at Mayo to Compression Planning, including Marissa Dickinson, Physician Liaison. Marissa is particularly impressed with how it can accelerate project development. She said, "With Compression Planning, you can devote a few hours of your day and see light at the end of the tunnel. You come away with an action plan and a communication plan. And, you're going to see things go from start to finish in a much quicker fashion."

Normandale is proud to be the home of the Minnesota Compression Planning Institute (MN-CPI). This fall, people at all stages of their careers and from all walks of life, will gather and practice CP together. The learners from this cohort will also have an opportunity to meet other MN-CPI alumni, creating a network of resources and shared learning.

Normandale also offers CP project consulting. If you would like to learn more, visit this page or give us a call, and see how Compression Planning offers the tools to manage today's toughest challenges by delivering creative solutions and meaningful progress - fast.