UX: User Experience

It makes logical sense that an organization should focus its efforts on their customers or users, but it doesn't always happen that way. Organizations often start out with great intentions but, as they grow, lose sight of users' changing desires and needs.

The growing field of User Experience (UX) is tied to three key core beliefs.

  1. Only design products or services if you are solving a problem or creating more value for a user.
  2. Never assume that you know what the user wants or needs.
  3. Never assume that what a user wants or needs today will be the same tomorrow.

UX: User ExperienceThe term "user" can be a little confusing. It can refer to a customer, but it can also be a citizen, taxpayer, patient, student, your customer's customer or anyone who interacts and benefits from the product or service that you are designing.

Whether designing a crayon or complex software, the principles and tools associated with UX are now being integrated into design and improvement processes across all industries and all over the world. A strong UX process makes a bottom line impact, because it requires the organization to keep a continual finger on the pulse of user needs. In fact, Forrester research estimates that companies with a strong UX process outperform the S & P index average by more than 3 times.

Through a grant project, Normandale has had the great opportunity to partner with The Nerdery to develop a UX learning program. The program includes training topics such as:

  • design thinking
  • research techniques
  • data analysis
  • personas
  • prototyping
  • and more

This training program is just a start to the UX journey, one that never ends. This program can help your organization build a strong foundation that allows you to weave UX into everything your organization does!

UX: Contact Jeff Hudson at jeff.hudson@normandale.edu or 952-358-8705.