Technology of Participation (ToP)

Technology of Participation

Normandale is proud to partner with HueLife, the country’s premier provider of ToP methods for collaboration, engagement, leadership and change. Learn how to exponentially improve your facilitation skills while you learn and practice three techniques:

Engagement Essential

The Focused Conversation is a fundamental method for guiding groups through a meaningful exchange of ideas, understanding different perspectives, and stimulating new ideas and solutions.

Group Decision Making

Using the Consensus Workshop Method, you will learn to energize people toward common goals and unite them in a shared vision and process, while generating both practical and creative solutions.

Group Action Planning

Learn how to engage and unite groups with the ToP Action Planning Method. Build skills that create practical plans and establish ownership, timelines and measures.

Who Should Attend: This course is ideal for leaders, project managers, and anyone called upon to engage and guide teams to successful, creative and practical outcome.

  • September 17 - 18
  • October 16 - 17
  • November 7 - 8
  • December 4 - 5

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Who uses ToP methods: 3M, Medtronic, Thomson Reuters, Dell Computer, Hennepin County, government entities, non-profit organizations and private businesses. Thousands of individuals are successfully using these methods in their organization.

Learn to facilitate in a way that drives commitment to results.