Compression Planning Interview

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MN-CPI 2015 Cohort

Mayo Clinic Health System - Consensus Building, Business Development & Planning

"Compression Planning really levels the playing field, and one of the things people like best about the process is its fun! Many people say "This is the best planning session I've ever been in." It spans the gap for everyone. If you're no-nonsense, you'll like it for that reason. If you're creative, you'll like it because it allows you to be very creative and open to a lot of different directions." - Peter R. Hughes, Market Vice President - Business Development

University of Pittsburgh Medical Center - Health Information Technology (HIT) Planning, Implementation

"The Compression Planning System is by far the single most effective tool I have learned in all of my travels through two masters degrees and a gazillion workshops." - Jan Nedin, Change Management & OD/EHR Implementation Consultant

General Motors - Cross-Functional Diversity

When General Motors was developing the world's first electric auto system, the EV1, they sent most of their platform team (over 80 engineers) to the Compression Planning Institute.  GM technical challenges and had people from other fields help work on them. To this day people remember how effective it was to learn Compression Planning® alongside others outside of their "expertise."

Dormont Manufacturing Co. - Lean, Six Sigma Implementation for Productivity

"A key to success for any Six Sigma team is creativity and getting the input of all the resources on the team. Speed also helps the process to not falter and keeps team meetings productive. These are ALL hallmarks of Compression Planning. It was always my contention that every Black Belt (leaders of Lean Six Sigma Projects) should be a trained and experienced Compression Planning facilitator." - Michael A. Couch, President, Michael Couch & Associates Inc.

ClearBrands - New Business Development

I had the great fortune of discovering Pat McNellis nearly 10 years ago when I was searching for a better way to design and lead strategic thinking sessions with my CEO clients and their teams. Pat and his father Jerry engineered and teach a powerful method called Compression Planning and it has been - by far - the single biggest personal and professional catalyst in my 22 year career. - Brian Cubarney, President

Northcentral Technical College (WI) - $23.1M USDOL Grant Development & Award

"The 16 technical colleges in our statewide consortium had an advantage winning our $23.1 Million US Department of Labor (USDOL) grant. We unearthed a way to deal with all the insanity of the communications among 16 grant writers, 16 college presidents, 16 academic deans, business partners, the workforce boards, and the Department of Labor. We did it because we used the McNellis Compression Planning (CP) system." - Vicki S. Jeppesen, M.Ed., Lead Grant Writer & Director of Resource Development & Institutional Advancement

Hilton Hotels Corporation - Relationship Building

"Jerry not only helped me to create a relationship with a group of people I had no experience with, but also turned that session into a results-oriented meeting that will generate benefits for some time to come. - Scott Schrank, Vice President, Hampton Brand Management

Delphi (Automotive Electronics) - Product Development & Process Improvement

"I led a Compression Planning session with a group of 60 at a global conference. Our focus was to rework the Product Development Process." We reduced the cycle time of the original process by 30%, achieving a $1.5 million saving per year. We planned it in a little over a day." - Joe Fonte, Manager of Worldwide Engineering Training & Development

McGill University Health Center (Montreal Quebec) - 5 Facility Merger

"The project we've been working on is the merger of five McGill University-affiliated hospitals. These facilities have been merged voluntarily under one new board and one administration. We have established one new hospital. The complexity of merging five cultures required an approach that would guarantee that everybody's voice was taken into account. Everybody had different expectations and fears, and CP brought it to one shared vision.

"If we didn't have the Compression Planning methodology to guide us, we'd still be at square one - we achieved a $1.5 million saving per year, with just a little over a day's worth of planning." - Dr. Nicolas Steinmetz - Physician & Former Associate Executive Director for Planning and Strategic Initiatives

The Eureka! - Accelerated Planning

"Our work teams find this remarkable system has documented bottom-line results: Time to completion drops an estimated 50%
- Errors and mistakes drop an estimated 40%. What used to take us weeks now takes hours with the 'thinking technology' that drives the Compression Planning system." - Doug Hall, Founder and CEO

Sandusky International Inc. (Paper and Roll Technology) - Website Development & Launch

"I facilitated five all-day Compression Planning Sessions within the first month following training. We were involved in planning a new website. In mid-December, before I went to the Compression Planning training, we still had no website, no real flowchart, no anything! We just couldn't get ourselves organized or determine what we wanted on our site. We could not get the group on the same page. There was a lot of politics involved. Part of management wanted one thing, the rest of management wanted something else, and it was just a nightmare.

I led a Compression Planning session here and we determined what we were going to do, who was going to do it, and so on. Then we put the plan into action. We went online on December 30th - less than 2 weeks after training!" - Elisa Prout - Sandusky International Inc.

Sentech, Inc. - Strategic Planning

"I was asked to put together a group of experts from electric utilities to develop a national R&D plan. I have been using the Compression Planning system ever since to run small, medium, and large meetings. I believe Compression Planning concepts have not just helped me in planning meetings but also in critical and strategic thinking. People are always amazed at how much we can get done in large groups with effective planning and facilitation." - Jonathan W. Hurwitch, Executive Vice President

General Motors Corporation - New Product Development & Teaming

"Compression Planning's method for capturing ideas, focusing discussions and enhancing ideas to encompass more than simple thoughts provided the means for our team to define the future. For General Motors, the EV1 was an invention-on demand program that required quick, thoughtful action to address problems, define alternatives and build electric vehicle solutions."

"The Compression Planning process is simple to implement and results in team cohesiveness. It is so much easier to build the future with your team aligned to a common purpose. An action plan built with commitment to incorporate input from all players is a plan with a greater chance for success. This process provides that result."

"I have personally utilized the process to determine my future career plans with great success. Jerry is a mentor I respect and admire who suggested that this approach could be used to capture the myriad of thoughts surrounding any subject including personal planning. I gave it a shot and it worked. I use it for everything from defining bylaws for a cabin community to (next career positioning)." - Laurel Castiglione, Former Manager, Web Governance, Globalization and Marketplace; Corporate Communications

Alfredo Enrique - Consultancy Skills

"Compression Planning is the core methodology in my consulting practice. It is what I am getting to be known for as a business consultant. I use it in one way or another in each and every one of my work engagements. Use it with your family, with your church, at your work, in your personal decisions. Use it and you will find it to be a great tool to add to your life skills." - Alfredo Enrique Umaña, Director, Applied Consulting, Tegucigalpa, Honduras

Boscor Forest (Germany, Austria) - International Business

"I was trained in Compression Planning the summer of 2008 during my year-and-a-half stay in the United States. Very enthusiastic about the concept and what I have learned, I was sure that it would not only work in the U.S. but also in Europe.

The perfect occasion occurred when we had a retreat of our family-owned Forest Management Company 'Boscor Forest' that manages roundabout 30,000 acres of forest land in Germany and Austria. There were six forest engineers, three administrators, three members of the senior management team, plus me as the 'independent' facilitator. The goal was to identify critical issues in our day-to-day business in the following areas: Forestry (Production), Administration and Management. After a day-and-a-half of CP and a lot of fun we came up with five key problems that we needed to address in the next year to improve our outcomes as well as detailed plans that outlined the action steps to solve each problem. At first, the Germans were very skeptical. In the end, very enthusiastic about Compression Planning and what we had achieved." - Constantin von Reizenstein, Ph.D. Student in HealthCare Economics, University of Munich,

Community College of Beaver County, Monaca, PA - Culture & Change Management

We'd been through a very difficult transition and needed to heal the institution. We decided that strategic planning was to be the vehicle for bringing people together, and we chose Compression Planning with Jerry McNellis as the model for our process. We trained 17 people as Compression Planning facilitators and this group evolved into the institution's Planning Council." - Dr. Joe Forrester, President

Children's Board of Hillsborough County, Tampa, FL - Improved Business Processes

"Compression Planning is the single most effective thinking strategy and group planning and problem solving technique I have ever learned." Learning the process profoundly changed the way I planned and thought through every part of my life. In the over twenty years I have been using the process I have led hundreds of group planning sessions around the country. Without exception attendees are amazed at how much gets accomplished in so little time and how fully engaged everyone is. When I was hired as CEO I integrated the process into our way of doing business. Our staff are trained and we have trained and disseminated the technique to hundreds of people within our community and around the state. The ROI in learning and using this process is so astronomical I can't even attempt to calculate it." - Luanne J. Panacek, Chief Executive Officer

Federated Services Co. (Pittsburgh, PA) - Project Management & Executing IT Projects

"As a believer and user of Compression Planning, it has become a very valuable tool in our project management toolkit. We have adapted the CP structure and principles to the planning and execution of our IT projects. - Jack R. Rearick, PMP, Project Management Office