MN-CPI: What Will You Learn?

After completing the highly interactive workshop, you will:

  • Discover 6 ways to develop meaningful ideas, ones that are prototype-able, cost-able and action-able the very next day.
  • Get grounded in "The McNellis Master Planning ModelTM which you can use on 90-95% of all challenges you'll be asked to facilitate.
  • Become adept at managing creative sessions as well as analytical ones without letting them become contaminated by "typical meeting-itis"
  • Crack the code on neutralizing and dealing with "traditionally difficult participants" with 5 tips to keep in your back pocket.
  • Get the hang of when to use Compression Planning as well as identify 3 "Red Flags" of when NOT to get suckered into leading a group destined to fail.
  • Be prepared to Design and lead Compression Planning® sessions by yourself...starting the day after the Institute.
  • Foster 6 ways to establish accountability by working shoulder-to-shoulder with your professional Compression Planning coaches.
  • Pick up at least 6 tips on working with clients/project owners from Compression Planning professionals.
  • Fully organize everything needed to conduct a Compression Planning® session.
  • Prepare to break down the organizational silos by involving the right people in your planning and learn new ways to recruit the necessary cross-functional talent to participate in your Compression Planning® sessions to "give life to your idea/plan."


Normandale Community College offers Compression Planning services to schools, businesses and other organizations. If you have a big project you need to complete with creativity and speed, call us at 952.358.8343 to schedule a consultation.