Compression Planning

Compression Planning is a streamlined, rapid, group planning process that drives focus, scope, clarity, and consensus while drilling down to an actionable detail level, from day-to-day planning to high-level, high-stakes projects.
Compression Planning The CP method will generate meaningful ideas that are prototype-able, cost-able and actionable the very next day after your CP session, and is so approachable and simple that it can be used on an ongoing basis to tackle your critical issues and bring-to-life brainstormed opportunities.

Developed as a Visual Planning System, Compression Planning transforms the concepts of creative brainstorming and story-boarding into a simple, easily understood process (with great tools) and leaves you with visual plan and ACTIONABLE items with which to move forward. It eliminates swirling and cuts through clutter and distractions that can bog down decision making, planning and strategic action.

If you are charged with facilitating meetings, planning sessions, brainstorming or resolving issues with groups of people, you will benefit greatly this simple and engaging method that facilitates, documents, and organizes problem solving, brainstorming and planning activities and cuts down the time it takes from IDEA to ACTION by at least 30%.

Unlike other planning and strategy tools, Compression Planning can be used by all varieties of work roles and is ideal for initiating and planning small to large scale projects.Compression Planning


Normandale Community College offers Compression Planning services to schools, businesses and other organizations.  If you have a big project you need to complete with creativity and speed, call us at 952.358.8343 to schedule a consultation.


Normandale also is the proud partner location for the Minnesota Compression Planning Institute.  This 3-day highly interactive workshop will teach you and your team members how to use and lead the Compression Planning process for virtually any business or personal planning challenge and opportunity.

Compression Planning