Business Professional Skills

» "According to a 2013 study from Brother Corporation, the average US worker loses 76 hours per year as a result of disorganization and inefficiency. This equates to an estimated $177 billion loss to organizations."

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Business Acumen/Communication

Business Acumen

Regardless of the organization's size, employers report an increasing need for workers who understand how an organization works and can make good judgments and quick decisions. An individual with strong business acumen knows how their organization functions, understands how individual decisions affect the whole, can navigate and make sense out of complexity, and can adapt to a constantly changing environment.

Business Communication

Organizations rely on individuals who can not only write and speak effectively, but also communicate with a wide variety of personalities and positions.  Effective business communicators know how to send and receive messages effectively through writing, speaking, listening, adapting messages for different audiences, and managing conflict. All of our courses in this area allow participants to learn these skills while immediately applying them to their own work situations.

Human Resources

Project Management

There are more projects occurring today than at any time in history. Organizations initiate projects to create new computer applications, erect bridges and buildings, improve processes, develop new products, and reorganize company operations.