College Services Renovation

Normandale Community College Comprehensive Facilities Plan

Construction for Phase 2 of the College Services Renovation will begin on December 7, 2020. Phase 2 will focus on renovating classrooms on the east wing of College Services, addressing deferred maintenance items including mechanical and electrical system replacement, updating HVAC controls and life safety systems, completing interior finishes, and roof replacement on some of the building.

The estimated timeline for completion of the third-floor, relocated Math Center, and reconfigured Administrative Suite is Fall 2021. Second and third floor classrooms are scheduled to be complete January 2022.

On October 21, Minnesota Governor Tim Walz signed a bonding bill, passed by the Minnesota House and Senate during the October Special Session, into law. The bonding bill included Phase 2 of the College Services Renovation. 

Phase 1 of College Services Renovation Completed

Video Tour of Student Services and Phase 1 of College Services Renovation

Phase 1 of the College Services Renovation Project was completed in Summer 2020. The first phase created an updated Integrated Student Services "Hub" that centralizes student service locations and will improve the overall service experience for students. 

It also added small group spaces for projects and study on the first floor of the building, opened up the College Services entrance area to help improve wayfinding and building navigation, and relocated the Corner Cafe (prevoiusly Java Junction) to the first floor. 

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