I am Normandale

Claudine M. Cooper
Photo by Sandy May
  • Came to Normandale from England as a student in 2000; received A.S. in Hospitality Management in 2002
  • Overcame fear of public speaking at Normandale, delivering student keynote address at graduation
  • Taught in Normandale's Hospitality program in fall 2012 semester; also taught at the University of Pittsburgh
  • Started her own hospitality consulting firm
  • Is currently starting a new Hospitality and Food Service Management program at Mid-South Community College in Arkansas

"Normandale was a very rewarding journey for me as it opened me up to so many different experiences. It also made me face some of my weaknesses. My time at Normandale played a huge role in my career, and I am thankful for all the great instructors who did so much for me."