Final Day to Add/Drop Fall Semester Classes

Through Friday, August 28, students may add and drop classes (with 100% refund). Classes that begin after the first week can be added and dropped (with 100% refund) through the end of the first business day that follows class begin date.

*Although college policy allows you to add classes through August 28, it is recommended that you speak with the instructor of any class added after the first class meeting. Missing even one class meeting can put you at an academic disadvantage and may negatively impact your grade. A student who adds a class late is under the same drop deadline as a student who adds during the normal registration period.

Financial aid recipients are cautioned to consult the Financial Aid and Scholarship Office before making any changes to their schedules after August 28, as it could result in reductions in financial aid. 

The following is a list of refund information after the first week of school:

August 29-September 4 - Students will receive a 75% refund only when withdrawing from ALL COURSES.

September 5-14 - Students will receive a 50% refund only when withdrawing from ALL COURSES.    

September 15-21 - Students will receive a 25% refund only when withdrawing from ALL COURSES.

Remainder of the Semester (after September 22) - Students will not receive any refund when withdrawing.