Student Feature - Rachel Trice

By Devon Cox - Digital Media Producer

Student Rachel Trice smiles at the camera.

Student Rachel Trice will be transferring to the University of Minnesota to get her bachelor's (and maybe master's) degree in Food Science. Eventually, she wants to open her own business helping small food producers manufacture their own products for reasonable rates and remain in control of their own branding.

Reflecting on her experience at Normandale so far, she says, "I was the Sous Chef at a restaurant in Edina. They had told me they'd move me up to Executive Chef but I'd have to work all nights and 60 hours a week, or they'd demote me from Sous Chef. Before, I was working the mornings and weekend nights. That wasn't going to work - I have a kid - so I went to Target Corporate. I was in collections but hoped to move to the food science department so I thought, I might as well go to school for Food Science and figure it out from there. That's how I got to Normandale.

I was able to work part-time in the food science department at Target while at Normandale, and was doing that until I had [another] child just recently. I love food. I love science. I want to have something that I can manage with my kids, have benefits, and food science seemed like it would work the best - I could still do the things that I love.

My experience at Normandale has been much better than I've had previously at other colleges. I feel like I have a lot of support, there's so many resources here at Normandale, so you're not ever struggling or feeling like you're alone. I like that part."