Normandale Welcomes President-Elect Joyce Ester

By Steven Geller, Director of Media and Public Relations

On May 22, Normandale Community College hosted an event on campus to welcome President-Elect Joyce Ester.

Current Normandale president Joe Opatz, MnSCU Chancellor Steven Rosenstone and MnSCU Board Trustee Cheryl Dickson helped preside over the festivities.

Rosenstone, who made the official recommendation regarding the appointment of Ester to the Board of Trustees at a MnSCU Board Meeting on May 21, talked about some of the great things that Opatz did for Normandale during his presidency, and the excitement of having someone like Ester who is a great fit for the college.

"I think Joyce (Ester) is going to be an absolutely fabulous president, and as exciting as the last seven years have been at Normandale, we need to fasten our seatbelt and get ready for what the next couple of years are going to be about," said Rosenstone. "This is a really good match with her remarkable talents and experiences, and what the possible next steps are for Normandale in this community."

Dickson mentioned that during the interview process, she was impressed by all of the great comments that came from Normandale about Ester.

"As the chancellor said, the board did its due diligence, found out everything it could and interviewed each candidate," said Dickson. "However, we really wanted to hear what the Normandale community thought after that candidates had been on campus. So we listened, and we read your comments about the candidates. Your confidence in Joyce (Ester) gave us confidence, and your optimism has given us optimism for the great things for the students, faculty, staff and administration of Normandale, and what you can accomplish in the years ahead under the leadership of Joyce Ester."

Ester noted that from the beginning of the process that Normandale seemed like a great fit for her, and that she is excited about this opportunity.

"From the moment I had my first conversation with the search committee, and the first time I talked to the chancellor, there was something deep inside that said to me this is a place I want to be," said Ester. "When I came to campus to interview, you were all very genuine. You were not talking to me as a candidate, but as one person to another, and I knew this was the kind of place I wanted to be. I am excited about this opportunity, and look forward to the work we will do together."