Normandale Reader Story - Alyssa Roberts

By Steven Geller - Director of Media and Public Relations

Alyssa Roberts understood the value of a post­secondary (PSEO) education as soon as she began taking classes at Normandale as a high school junior in 2015. She immediately figured out that her goal was to get an associate degree at the same time that she graduated high school to take advantage of a great opportunity.

Roberts graduated from Normandale in 2017 at the same time she finished her education at Prior Lake High School. She also gained valuable leadership experience as the president of Normandale's Phi Theta Kappa Honors Society chapter, along with many other student life experiences.

"Not only did I save money by enrolling as a PSEO student, but I was also better prepared than other freshman students at North Dakota State," said Roberts.

Roberts' desire to earn college credits in high school was to start what she anticipated would be a lengthy academic journey. She does not know where that journey will end exactly, but she wants to be able to get into immunology to help cure diseases.

She is currently double majoring in Biochemistry & Molecular Biology and Chemistry at North Dakota State University and is thankful for the savings she received by getting her associate degree free through taking PSEO courses. Roberts believes it has made paying for her education more manageable.

Currently, in her third year at North Dakota State, Roberts is receiving a scholarship that will pay for her final two years and anticipates going to graduate school for immunology. She is gaining valuable experience at the US Department of Agriculture as a biological science aid and appreciates the foundation that Normandale provided her as a high school student.

"My time at Normand ale was invaluable for me," said Roberts. "I really grew and learned a great deal from being the President of PTK. Normandale has a great atmosphere, and it opened up so many different opportunities."