Normandale Nursing Student Jennifer Doll receives Good Catch Award from Methodist Hospital

By Steven Geller - Director of Media and Public Relations

Normandale Community College Nursing student Jennifer Doll recently received the Good Catch Award from Methodist Hospital. The award from Methodist Hospital also resulted in an additional award from the Minnesota Hospital Association.

Doll volunteered in Methodist Hospital's Hospitalized Elder Life Program (HELP) as a component of her nursing education. HELP is a nationally recognized delirium prevention program designed to cognitively stimulate patients who are at risk for developing delirium after a traumatic event, surgery or some kind of illness. As a volunteer, she was assigned to talk to patients, and assess their level of orientation and alertness. As part of her duties, she would let the hospital staff know if there were any red alerts so they could perform the appropriate interventions.  

This fall, Doll went into a patient's room and asked him how he was doing. When she was not able to understand his response Doll realized something was not right. She immediately went to the nurse's station and alerted staff.  Doll was correct that the patient's condition had changed and he needed attention. Hospital staff intervened and stabilized the patient preventing a potentially negative outcome. Her quick action as a volunteer resulted in a positive outcome.  

"My first concern was that the patient was alright, and when I heard that news that he was I was relieved," said Doll. "The nurse who was working with the patient nominated me for the award through Park Nicollet, but they also sent it to the Minnesota Hospital Association. It was exciting to be honored, but more than anything it reinforced to me the value of speaking up if you see something that that does not look right."  

Doll officially received the award on Wednesday, December 12. The certificate presented to her congratulated Doll for "demonstrating a commitment to keep patients safe by speaking up to prevent a potential patient safety issue".  

She is graduating this semester from the Normandale Community College Nursing Program. Doll will be part of a larger group that will be honored during the fall semester Normandale Community College Graduate Pinning Ceremony on Thursday, December 20. Doll plans to pursue her bachelor of science in Nursing at Minnesota State University, Mankato while gaining professional experience in a hospital setting.    

"I definitely want to work in a hospital setting, but I am still figuring out where I would like to work," said Doll. "I could also see myself wanting to come back to be an instructor at Normandale someday. I am a huge advocate for the Normandale Nursing Program, specifically the wonderful instructors who I have learned so much from."