Normandale hosted a Ribbon-Cutting/Groundbreaking Ceremony on November 4

By Chris Hall - Media and Public Relations Intern

Normandale Community College held a Ribbon-Cutting/Groundbreaking Ceremony on November 4 to celebrate the near completion of the Courtyard Renovation/Repair and the beginning of Phase 1 of the College Services Renovation project.

The event celebrated the commitment of legislators, business leaders, and faculty and staff to make the projects a reality.  

"We are very excited to have such great support to help build facilities to match the great education and services that we have here at Normandale," said Normandale Community College President Joyce Ester.

The first phase of renovations to the College Services Building started in late October. The goal is to reconfigure the building in a way that will provide easier access to students, a more welcoming entrance, and a single dedicated area for essential student services. Plans for the second phase, which is on the Minnesota State list of projects for the 2020 Legislative Bonding Session, will focus on upgrading classroom spaces to better support students and the academic programs that utilize them.

"The College Services building is one of the most highly utilized on Normandale's campus and it is critical to the success of the college and most importantly the success of the students we serve," said Minnesota State Chancellor Devinder Malhotra.

The tunnel repair aspect of the project will remediate recurring stormwater drainage and retention issues, and mitigate moisture in the tunnels connecting adjoining buildings. The courtyard renovation part of the project aims to transform the space into a vibrant focal point for the college, a place where the Normandale community can continue to grow and thrive.

Student Senate President Joshua Medley sees the bigger picture: "This courtyard is more than concrete and grass beautifully embedded and purposefully arranged and grown," said Medley. "It is a symbol of hope. What we will always need as students is more hope. I would like to invite all of you to hope with me, and in that hope envision the possibility that the experiences this courtyard will change someone's life."