Normandale campus features Outdoor Tree Species Tour

By Steven Geller - Director of Media and Public Relations

Normandale Community College is providing an opportunity to go outdoors and learn about the variety of tree species that are located on campus. The information, which has been collected by Biology instructor Bob Barni, can be found at

Barni has tagged 25 trees throughout the Normandale campus that are all different species. The tagged trees have detailed descriptions of their characteristics. He has also included the locations on a Google Maps page, which helps guide anyone who wants to come to campus to easily find the location of each tree he has marked.

"Normandale has a variety of different tree species on our campus," said Barni. "We really wanted to create an opportunity for people to come to campus, enjoy the natural beauty, and learn more about the trees. We hope that this can be an activity that will provoke interest in the various characteristics of different tree species, and that it will give the community an activity to enjoy on our campus."

Normandale encourages anyone who is interested in finding out more about area tree species to come to campus and use the webpage. Physical distancing of at least six feet is recommended for anyone who visits campus to learn more about the tree species.