Free Integrative Health Workshops at Normandale on September 13

By Steven Geller - Director of Media and Public Relations

Normandale Community College's Integrative Health Education Center is holding a free Open House on Saturday, September 13 from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m.

The Fall into Wellness event will have 45-minute workshops on a wide variety of healing modalities, taught by Normandale's experienced instructors. Integrative health is also known as complementary or alternative medicine, and it focuses on prevention and increasing the well-being of healthy people as well as treating the whole person when illnesses or injuries occur. Normandale offers classes for everyone interested in improving their health, as well as health professionals.

The Saturday schedule includes Healing Touch, EFT, homeopathy, esogetics and applied kinesiology.  Spring Forest Qigong will offer a demonstration of moving chi, or energy, through the body.  Participants will have the opportunity to learn about recent research the psychology of happiness.  With multiple workshops happening simultaneously, participants will be able to pick and choose the topics that most interest them.

Fall into Wellness offers a taste of the many classes, workshops and certificates offered in Normandale Community College's continuing education.  Registration is open to the community, by phone or online.

The follow is schedule of events for the day:

*All sessions will be in the Partnership Center

9 a.m.
Spring Forest Qigong - Jaci Gran (Room P 1838)
Healing Touch - Barbara Schommer (Room P 1840)
Integrative Health Business - Deanna Reiter (Room P 1842)

10 a.m.
Belly Dance - Shannon Townsend (Room P 1838)
Homeopathy - Cilla Whatcott (Room P 1840)
Positive Psychology - Elise Marquan Jahns (Room P 1842)

11 a.m.
Art for Health - Connie Cohen (Room P 1838)
Applied Kinesiology - Melissa Dirtzu (Room P 1840)
Self Mastery - Hanakia Zedek (Room P 1842)

12 p.m.
Esogetics - SchaOn Blodgett (Room P 1838)
EFT - Valeri Lis (Room P 1840)
Numerology - Susan Shopek (Room P 1842)
Renewing Life - Betsy Knapp (Room P 1844)

For more information, call 952-358-8343, email, or visit