DeFlores Film Project

Bob DeFlores Legacy for Learning

Using Film for Education

"Teaming up with Normandale has been very exciting for me because that's the fruition of my years of hunting for and finding film. All these years of assembling, collecting, and restoring were to make it available for the good of learning and teaching and education." -- Bob DeFlores

Film captures the heart and soul of our times. It entertains, educates, and enlightens. It records the events that take place on the grand stage of history.

Film preservationist and historian Bob DeFlores is known throughout the film and television industry for his efforts in preserving precious film. Normandale Community College in Bloomington, Minnesota, has a tremendous opportunity to add more value to this film collection. The college is privileged to help Bob DeFlores make his archives accessible for educational as well as entertainment purposes.

We are doing that by developing unique educational material that can complement and supplement existing academic curriculum for higher education and advanced high school programs.