The Textbook Depot, located in the lower level of the Kopp Student Center, offers materials required for class, including new and used textbooks and textbook rentals.  The Campus Store, located in the upper level of the Kopp Student Center offers school supplies (notebooks, pens, binders, etc.).

All textbooks (including optional titles) are returnable only until the end of the second week of classes. Textbooks may only be returned if they have not been removed from their original shrink-wrap and are accompanied by the original sales receipt. 

Books purchased for classes that meet for two weeks or less are only returnable within two days of purchase.  

Information regarding Textbook Depot and Campus Store hours and how to purchase or return course materials is available here.

Digital Access Courses and Fees
Some Normandale Community College courses use digital access materials (electronic books and materials) in lieu of textbooks. The fees for digital access materials are billed, along with tuition and other fees, directly to the student's Normandale account, reflected as an "e-Textbook Fee". Courses using digital access materials are clearly marked in eServices, and the fees are posted in the course notes. Digital access charges are considerably lower than traditional textbook costs.