Minnesota State Colleges and Universities Board of Trustees

The Minnesota State System is governed by a 15-member Minnesota State College and Universities Board of Trustees appointed by the Governor. The Board has policy responsibility for system planning, academic programs, fiscal management, personnel, admissions requirements, tuition and fees, and rules and regulations. The Board members are:

  • Michael Vekich, Chair, St. Louis Park
  • Jay Cowles, Vice Chair, St. Paul
  • Roger Moe, Treasurer, Erskine
  • AbdulRahmane Abdul-Aziz, St. Paul
  • Alex Cirillo, Jr., Woodbury
  • Robert Hoffman, Waseca
  • Jerry Janezich, St. Paul
  • Rudy Rodriguez, Maple Grove
  • George Soule, Minneapolis
  • Louise Sundin, Minneapolis
  • Cheryl Tefer, Andover
  • Dawn Erlandson, Minneapolis
  • April Nishimura, Apple Valley
  • Ashlyn Anderson, Minneapolis
  • Samson Williams, Brooklyn Center

Visit the Minnesota State website at for more information.

Normandale Community College Foundation Board of Directors

The Foundation is a 501(c)(3) non-profit corporation whose purpose is to generate private gifts and donations to advance the mission and activities of Normandale Community College. The Foundation Board of Directors includes business and community leaders who direct and guide its policies and activities.

The Foundation supports student scholarships, college programs and capital needs.

Members of the Foundation Board are: 

  • Alan Abramson
  • Mark Adkins, Chair
  • G. Patrick Bonnie*
  • Dr. Bernadine Bryant
  • Laura Catania
  • Dr. Joyce Ester*
  • Paula Forbes
  • Rex Gaskill
  • Gina Hall*
  • Erin Gonzalez*
  • Andrew Kannenberg
  • Mike Lebens
  • Johnny Maes*
  • Joel Peterson
  • Rome Poppler
  • Marya Robben
  • Duane Spiegle
  • Dr. Axel Steuer
  • Scott Taylor
  • Jane Welch
  • Martha Wittstruck*

    *Ex officio, non-voting


Joyce C. Ester, President, BA, Northern Illinois University, MA, PhD University of California, Santa Barbara.

Vice Presidents

Hagen, Dara, Vice President of Student Affairs, BA, MA, Univ. of St. Thomas

Keller, Kristina, Provost/Vice President of Academic Affairs, BS, University of Minnesota-Crookston; MBA, Ed.D., Saint Cloud State Univ.

Wheeler, Lisa R., Vice President of Finance and Operations, BS, Univ. of Wisconsin-Madison; M.Ed., Springfield College; Ed.D. Univ. of St. Thomas

Deans and Senior Officers

Brickle, Colleen M., Dean of Health Sciences, BS, Univ. of Iowa; MEd, Univ. of Minnesota; EdD, Nova Southeastern Univ.
Buhl, Patrick, Associate Vice President of Operations, AAS, Inver Hills Community College 
Cardinal, JasonDean of Students, BA, Univ. of Minnesota; MA, St. Mary's Univ. 
Erin Daly, Dean of Academic Services and Library, BA, Lawrence Univ.; MBA, Emory Univ.
Dickinson, Brenda, Dean of Continuing Education and Customized Training, AA, North Hennepin Community College; BS, St. Cloud State Univ.; MBA, Univ. of St. Thomas
Judge, Jeff, Dean of Humanities, BA, Augsburg College; MA, Middlebury College of Languages; EdD, Minnesota State Univ.-Mankato
Kirch, Michael, Dean of Business and Social Sciences, BA, Northern Illinois Univ.; MS, Illinois State Univ.
Komoto, Cary, Dean of Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics (STEM) and Education, BS, MA, Ph.D., Univ. of Minnesota
Konschak, Norma, Associate Vice President of Finance, BS, North Dakota State Univ., M. Acc, Golden Gate University; CPA
Lewis, Mark Director of Research and Planning, BA, Carleton College; MA, PhD, Univ. of Minnesota
Winckelman, Stephen, Chief Information Officer, BS, Penn State Univ.; MS, Univ. of Delaware; MS MOT, Univ. of Minnesota

Program Directors and Supervisors

Ainley, SunnyAssociate Dean of Continuing Education and Customized Training, BA, BBA, Univ. of North Dakota

Ant, SusanDirector of Financial Aid and Scholarships, BS, MA, Bradley Univ.

Bentley, ErikDirector of Public Safety, BA, Concordia College, Moorhead; MA, Univ. of St. Thomas

Berquist, Chastity, Assistant Registrar, BA, Metropolitan State Univ.

Frame, Charles, Associate Director of New Student Programs, BS, St. Cloud State Univ.; MS, Univ. of Akron

Geller, Steve, Director of Media and Public Relations, BA, Towson Univ.

Hanson, JonEnvironmental Health and Safety; Grounds Maintenance, AA, Normandale Community College; BS, Univ. of Minnesota

Hauer, Meredith, Assistant Director of Financial Aid and Scholarships, BA, MA, College of St. Catherine

Huber, Tonya Hanson, Registrar, BS, Univ. of Wisconsin-LaCrosse

Ladd, CindyPurchasing and Contracts Supervisor

Lefler, Jennifer, Director of Marketing Communications, BA, University of St. Thomas

Lowe, RobertDirector of K12 Partnerships and Perkins, BS, Univ. of Minnesota; MS, St. Cloud State Univ.

Machado, Marissa, Director of Pre-Collegiate Programs, BS, MAE Leadership Studies, Augsburg College

Manier, Linette, Director of Teacher Education, BS, Univ. of Wisconsin-Stevens Point; MA, Univ. of Minnesota

Marshall, Jon, Director and Senior Network & Systems Architect

Martin, Justin, Director of Student Life, BS, Gustavus Adolphus College; MS, Minnesota State Univ., Mankato

McCluney, Thomas, Assistant Facilities Manager, BS, Metropolitan State, MA, Concordia Univ.

Mikkelsen, Chris, Director of Kopp Student Center and Campus Auxilliary Operations, BS, MEd, South Dakota State Univ.

Pates, NancyDirector of Admissions, BA, Univ. of Wisconsin-Eau Claire

Peterson, Chris, Bookstore Manager 

Reyes, Theresa, Director of IT User Services, BS, Devry University, Chicago

Saunders, JenniferDirector of TRIO Upward Bound, BA, MEd, Univ. of Minnesota

Schultz, Jane, STEM Lab Supervisor, BS, Univ. of Minnesota; MS, Univ. of Washington

Schwab, Victoria, Human Resources Director, BS, Winona State University

Sheridan, PattiPayments and Billing Supervisor, Accounting, South Central Technical College; AA, Normandale Community College

Stockert, RaeDean, Admissions Office Manager

Tillman, DebbieDirector, Academic Support Services, BS, Winona State Univ.; MS, Minnesota State Univ., Mankato

Traxler, Matt, Director of Advising and Counseling, BBA, Tiffin Univ.; MS, Illinois State Univ.

Wagener, Amy, Director of Mental Health and Wellness, PsyD, Minnesota School of Professional Psychology

Weir, Dave, Mechanical Supervisor

Wilson, LizAcademic Affairs Director of Office Support Services

Wise, JamesBuilding Services Foreman

Normandale Faculty

Abavani, Mansoureh, Health, BS, Univ. of Minnesota; MS, Azad Univ. ; MS, Western Illinois Univ.

Ahlgrim, HeidiDental Hygiene, BS, Univ. of Minnesota; MEd, University of Minnesota

Ahrens, MarkMathematics, BS, Illinois Institute of Technology; MS Univ. of Waterloo

Alicea, VictorBusiness, BA, Univ. of Connecticut-Storrs; MBA, Univ. of Wisconsin-Madison; JD, William Mitchell College of Law

Althaus, Linde, Psychology, BS, Texas State Univ.; MA, Univ. of Minnesota

Anderson, JayPsychology, BA, St. John’s Univ.; MA, Univ. of Northern Iowa; PhD, Univ. of Utah

Anderson, Karen RappComputer Science, BA, MS, Univ. of Minnesota

Anderson, Mark, English

Anderson, MichelleComputer Information Management, BSB, Carlson School of Management, Univ. of Minnesota; M.Ed, Univ. of Minnesota, MBA, St. Cloud State Univ.

Andrusko, MarcusCommunication, BA, Univ. of Minnesota; MA, Bethel College

Armstrong, Linda, Dietetic Technology, BS, Ohio State Univ.; MBA, Univ. of Minnesota

Armstrong-Duarte, Aaron, Anthropology, BA, Hamline Univ.; MA, PhD., Univ. of Minnesota

Arslan, MustafaMathematics, BS, Middle East Technical Univ., Turkey; PhD, Louisiana State Univ.

Assad, LodanneEnglish

Baker, ElizabethExercise Science, BA, Augsburg College; MA, Southern Methodist Univ.

Bamana, Gabriel, Anthropology, BS, Urbaniana Univ.; MA, PhD, Univ. of Wales, Lampeter

Barker, PhilipChemistry, BA, Bethel College; MS, Univ. of Minnesota

Barni, RobertBiology, BS, MS, Univ. of Tennessee

Barrett, DavidExercise Science, AA, Normandale Community College; BS, Texas Lutheran Univ.; MEd, Southwest Texas State Univ.; PhD, Univ. of Minnesota

Bartell, StephenBiology, BS, MS, St. Cloud State Univ.

Bayer, JaniceReading, BS, Univ. of Delaware; MEd, City Univ. of Seattle. 

Bedecarre, CorrinePhilosophy, BA, Sonoma State Univ.; MA, PhD, Univ. of Minnesota

Beeman, Sarah, Spanish, BA, Univ. of Minnesota; MA, Univ. North Carolina, Chapel Hill

Beil, ShirleyMathematics, BS, Univ. of Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada, BEd, Univ. of Manitoba, Canada, MS, Minnesota State Univ., Mankato

Belinco, CarinaBiology, BS, Univ. of Buenos Aires, Argentina; PhD, Univ. of Minnesota

Bell, Candace C.Elementary Education, BS, MS, Minnesota State Univ., Mankato

Beneke, Jim, Mathematics, BA, Northwestern Univ.; MS, Emporia State Univ.

Benka, JudithEnglish for Academic Purposes, BA, Cameron Univ.; MA, Univ. of Surrey, Guildford, England

Bentzien, PamelaArt, BFA, Univ. of Wisconsin-Madison; MFA, Rochester Institute of Technology

Berner, David J.Geography; Geology, BA, Wittenberg Univ.; MA, Univ. of Colorado-Boulder

Bigalk, KristinaEnglish, BA, Drake Univ.; MAT, Minnesota State Univ., Mankato; MA, Florida State Univ.

Bland, Frances S.Advising and Counseling, BBA, MS, Univ. of Central Arkansas

Boatman, Nancy, Health, BS, Univ. of Minnesota; MS, Univ. of Wisconsin-Stout

Borgen, LarryBusiness, BA, Univ. of Minnesota; MBA, Univ. of St. Thomas

Boris, Scott, Sociology, BA., Univ. of Minnesota; MA, American Military Univ.; ThM, Belamond Univ.

Bouchard, JenniferFrench, BA, St. Olaf College, MA, Univ. of California-Los Angeles

Boyle, Jacob, Psychology, BA, California State Univ., Chico; MA, Simpson Univ.

Brown, Matthew, Mathematics, BS, MS, Univ. of Minnesota 

Bunge, Rosalie M.Library, BA, Hamline Univ.; MA, Univ. of Minnesota

Burch, KurtPolitical Science, BA, George Mason Univ.; MA, American Univ.; PhD, Univ. of Minnesota

Burgess, R. ThomasTheatre, BA, Univ. of Wisconsin-Oshkosh; MFA, Univ. of Minnesota

Byrd, Anne, Theatre, BA, Iowa State Univ.; MFA, Western Illinois Univ.

Byrd, SeanTheatre, AA, Kilgore College; BFA, Stephen F. Austin State; MFA, Western Illinois Univ.

Cady, Annie, Theatre, BA, Simpson College; MFA, Theatre Design and Technology, Univ. of Minnesota

Canzanella, LindaPhilosophy, BA, MA, Univ. of Minnesota

Carey, KristineNursing, BSN, Univ. of Wisconsin-Eau Claire; MSN, Univ. of Minnesota

Carlson, Debra L.Biology, BA, St. Olaf College; PhD, Univ. of Minnesota

Carlson, Ranae, Computers/Information Management, AA, Northland Community College; BS, Minnesota State Univ. Moorhead; MA, Bemidji State Univ.

Carow-Shiebe, CynthiaHealth, BA, Univ. of St. Thomas; MS, Minnesota State Univ., Mankato

Center, Alyson,  Biology, BS, Univ. of Texas; PhD, Univ. of Minnesota

Chambers, DavidMathematics, BS, MS, Univ. of Minnesota

Chambers, Denise G.Reading, BS, MS, Minnesota State Univ., Mankato

Chouinard, Michael, Communication, BA Concordia College; MA, Minnesota State Univ. Mankato; PhD, Florida State Univ.

Chovanec, Gale J.Dental Hygiene, AA, Madison Area Technical College; BS, MEd, Univ. of Minnesota

Christopherson, JohanEnglish, PhD, Univ. of Minnesota

Cikanek, KorinnePsychology, BA, Gustavus Adolphus College; MA, Univ. of Minnesota; PhD, Univ. of Minnesota Duluth

Clauson, Kimberly, Sociology, AAS, Inver Hills Community College; BS, Saint Mary's Univ.; MA, Univ. of St. Thomas

Claycomb, Douglas J.Geography, BA, Mansfield Univ.; MS, Shippensburg State Univ.; PhD, Texas A&M Univ.

Claycomb, NancySociology, BA, Bryn Mawr College; MS, PhD, Texas A & M Univ.

Clowes, SarahReading, BA, Macalester College; MA, Education, Univ. of St. Thomas

Coate, Kathleen, Theatre, BA,Nebraska Wesleyan Univ.; MA, Univ. of Nebraska at Omaha

Coate, Paul, Theatre

Coleman, Todd, Physics, BA, Wittenburg Univ.; Ph.D., Univ. of Wisconsin, Madison

Collier, EidaTheatre, BA, Nebraska Wesleyan; MA, Univ. of Nebraska at Omaha

Conlon, Amy, Psychology, BA, Swarthmore College; Ph.D., Univ. of Minnesota

Conroy, AliciaEnglish, BA, Mount Holyoke College; MFA, Bowling Green State Univ.

Cooper, KristenAdvising and Counseling, BA, St. Olaf College; MS, Minnesota State Univ., Mankato

Cowmeadow, RandiSpanish, Ba, Univ. of St. Thomas; MEA, Bethel Univ.; MA, Univ of Salamanca

Crawford, JenniferMathematics, BS, MS, Univ. of Minnesota

Creed, DanBusiness, BA, Ambassador Univ.; MA, Concordia Univ.

Crow, JanetLibrary, BA, Augsburg College; MLIS, Simmons College

Dahlman, Kent, Communication, BS, Minnesota State Univ. Moorhead; MS, St. Cloud State Univ

Dambroski, HattieBiology, BS, Univ. of Wisconsin-Stevens Point; PhD, Univ. of Notre Dame

Darling, Daniel, English, BA, College of Wooster; MFA, Univ. of New Mexico

Daunis, MaryMathematics, BA, MS, Univ. of New Orleans; Ph.D., Univ. of Tennessee

Dean, SusanReading, BS, MA, Univ. of Minnesota

Dean, ValerieAdvising and Counseling, BA, Washington Univ.; MA, Univ. of Minnesota

De La Mora, Teresa, Biology, BS, Univ. of Texas at El Paso; PhD, Univ. of Minnesota

Dempsey, MatthewMathematics, BA, University of St. Thomas; MA, Minnesota State Univ., Mankato

Dettmann, David, Sociology, BA, Pacific Lutheran Univ.; MS, Univ. of Nebraska at Omaha

Dickson, Carrie, Nursing, MS, BSN, Univ. of Michigan

Dillon, Loli, English, BA, MA, St. Cloud State Univ.

Doherty, Mary Ellen, Biology, BS, South Dakota State Univ., MBS, Univ. of Minnesota

Dollins, HaleyDental Hygiene, BS, MS, Univ. of Missouri, Kansas City

Donaho, StephenPhilosophy, BA, State Univ. of New York, Plattsburgh; MA, Ph.D., Univ. of Minnesota

Dougherty, DawneChemistry, BS, PhD, Univ. of Minnesota

Dowlatshahi, LaylaEnglish, BA, MFA, Goddard College

Drahos, Cindy, Computer Information Management, BA, Univ. of Minnesota; Certificate, Educational Technology, MA, St. Mary's College

Drummond, JanetComputer Information Management, BA, MA, Univ. of Minnesota

DuBois, AimeeCommunication, AA, Rock Valley College; BA, Univ. of Wisconsin-Whitewater; MA, Central Michigan Univ.

Dunlop, TonyMathematics, BA, Bard College; PhD, Univ. of Minnesota

Dunning, Richard D.Geography; Geology, BA, Carthage College; MA, Michigan State Univ.; PhD, Univ. of Wisconsin-Madison

Dykoski, Carolyn, Geology, BS, Univ. of Wisconsin; MS, Univ. of Minnesota

Eckman, KatieNursing, RN, MSN, Walden Univ.

Effertz, AngelaExercise Science, BA, Univ. of Maine, Farmington; MS, Middle Tennessee State Univ.

Erdmann, Vicki S.Dietetic Technology; Health, AA, Ferris State College; BS, Western Michigan Univ.; MS, Univ. of Wisconsin-Madison

Erickson, Jenny, Communication, BA, Univ. of Puget Sound; MA, Bethel Univ.

Esele, IgnatiusMathematics, BS, MS, Univ. of Nigeria; MS, Univ. of Wisconsin-Milwaukee

Evenson, Lavonne L.Advising and Counseling, BS, North Dakota State Univ., MS, Minnesota State Univ., Mankato

Everett, SteveAccounting; Business, BA, Metropolitan State Univ.; MBA, Univ. of St. Thomas

Fayon, Annia, Geology, BA, Boston Univ.; MS, Univ. of Texas – Dallas; Ph.D., Arizona State Univ

Fendos, PaulWorld Languages, PhD, Univ. of Wisconsin-Madison

Fingerson, Patrick, Mathematics, BS, MS, Univ. of Minnesotsa-Twin Cities

Fisher, KariEnglish, BFA, Univ. of Nebraska; MA, Southern Illinois Univ. at Carbondale

Fitzpatrick, Bridget, Anthropology, BS, Rochester Institute of Technology; PhD, American Univ.

Ford, Karen, Nursing, BS, South Dakota State Univ.; MA, Bethel Univ.

Forsythe, Laurie, Biology, BS, Univ. of Minnesota; BS, MA, Minnesota State Univ., Mankato

Foudray, Angela, Physics, AMEP, Univ. of Wisconsin; MS, CPhil, PhD, Univ. of California

Fox, Laura, Chemistry, BS, Indiana Univ. of Pennsylvania; MS, PhD, Univ. of Minnesota

Frahm, Laurie, Nursing, MSN, Winona State Univ., BSN, Minnesota State Univ., Mankato

Frame, Robert, History, BA, MA, University of Minnesota

Frankenfeld, James W.Communication, BA, Univ. of South Dakota; MA, Univ. of Colorado-Denver

Freese, Michelle L.Communication, BA, Univ. of Minnesota; MA, Univ. of Wisconsin-Superior

Friedrich, AlexEconomics, BA, Univ. of Georgia; MSc, London School of Economics

Friend, Philip, Geography

Fritsch-Churan, Kristi, Reading

Fritz, Dorie, Nursing, BSN, Augsburg College; MSN, St. Catherine Univ.

Fung, Carol Fung KeeChemistry, BS, Univ. of Florida, PhD, Univ. of Arizona

Gabler, KarenReading, BS, Univ. of Wisconsin-Madison; MA Curriculum and Instruction Univ. of Minnesota

Garland, Paula J.English, BS, Northern Illinois Univ.; MA, Indiana Univ.

Ghebresilassie, Daniel, Mathematics, BS, Metropolitan State Univ.; MS, Minnesota State Univ., Mankato

Giering-DeHaan, Jane, Music

Gingery, NicoleChemistry, BS, Univ. of Minnesota-Duluth; MS, Univ. of Minnesota

Gish, AdamHistory, BA, MS, Minnesota State Univ.-Mankato  

Glaser, TheresaPsychology, PhD, Univ. of Minnesota

Goldman, Robert M. Health, BS, Iowa State Univ.; MEd, Univ. of Minnesota

Gonzales, Patricia, Nursing, BSN, Univ. of Maryland at Baltimore; MS, Johns Hopkins Univ.

Gonzalez, Joan L.Nursing, BS, Univ. of North Dakota; MPA, Golden Gate Univ.

Grahek, MelissaReading, BA, Univ. of St. Thomas; MA, Education, Hamline Univ.

Grant, Eric, English

Gronemann, Robert W.Music, BA, MM, Univ. of Minnesota

Grung, Bernie, Engineering Technology, PhD, Univ. of Minnesota

Guidry, Anne, English

Gustafson Lambrecht, KarenArt, BFA, Univ. of Minnesota; MFA, Univ. of Massachusetts-Amherst

Hakemian, Amanda, Chemistry, BA, Middlebury College; PhD, Northwestern Univ.

Hall, KristinLibrary, BA, St. Olaf College; MLIS, St. Catherine Univ.

Hammer, CarlPhilosophy, Univ. of Minnesota; PhD, City Univ. of New York

Hammerbeck, Mary, English, BA, Northland College; MA, Western Washington Univ. 

Happ, Krista, Education, BA, Augustana College; ME, American College of Education

Hardin, JaniceBusiness; Computers/Information Management, AA, Kaskaskia Community College; BS, Southern Illinois Univ.; MBA, Univ. of St. Thomas; MS, St. Mary’s Univ.; Certificate, College of Saint Catherine

Harlos, Paul W.Advising and Counseling, BS, Univ. of Wisconsin-LaCrosse; MEd, Univ. of Arizona

Harris, Sara, Dietetic Technology, BA, Univ. of St. Thomas; MPH, Univ. of Minnesota

Harvey, Sharon F.Computer Science; Mathematics, BS, Minnesota State Univ., Mankato; MS, Univ. of Minnesota

Hashemi, Mehdi HakimMathematics, BS, MS, Shiraz Univ. Iran; PhD, Univ. of Minnesota

Hatton, MegReading, BA, Univ. of St. Thomas; MA Education, Hamline Univ.; Postsecondary Reading and Learning Certificate, California-State Fullerton; Teaching of Writing Graduate, Minnesota State Univ.-Mankato

Heinsohn, DianeEnglish, AB, Cornell Univ.; MA, PhD, Univ. of North Carolina-Chapel Hill

Henry, AprylMathematics, BA, Grinnell College; MA, Univ. of Minnesota

Herrboldt, BrooksEconomics, BS, St. Cloud State Univ.; MA, Colorado State Univ.

Hess, JeffreyMusic, BA, Univ. of Wisconsin-Green Bay; MM, Univ. of Minnesota; DMA, Univ. of Minnesota

Hill, AndreaMathematics, BA, CUNY Hunter College

Hoffman, Jaime ElizabethPhilosophy, BA, Carleton College; MA, PhD, Univ. of Minnesota

Holmgren, Kristoffer, Art, BFA, St.Cloud State University; MFA, Illinois State University

Hommes, DaleComputers/Information Management; Business, BS, MBA, Univ. of Minnesota

Houtz, ElizabethChemistry, BS, PhD, Univ. of Minnesota

Iredale, LindsayGeology, BS, Univ. of Calgary; MS, Univ. of Minnesota

Isaac, Jennifer ThompsonCommunication, BA, MA, Minnesota State Univ., Mankato

Islam, Moni, Computer Technology, BS, Winona State Univ.; MS, Univ. of St. Thomas

Jaros, MarcMusic, BA, St. Johns Univ.; MM, Univ. of Wisconsin-Madison, PhD, Univ. of Minnesota

Jarvis, BruceBiology, BA, Earlham College; MA, Univ. of Missouri; PhD, Univ. of Minnesota

Johnson, Jill, Engineering Technology, BEE, Univ. of Minnesota; MA, Univ. of Minnesota

Johnson, JuliePhysics, BA, BS, East Stroudsburg State College; MS, PhD, Univ. of Massachusetts-Amherst

Johnson, Mary AnnBusiness, BA, BS, St. Cloud State Univ.; MS, Cardinal Stritch Univ.

Johnson, Nancy, Health, MA, Univ. of St. Thomas; MA, College of St. Catherine; EdD, Argosy Univ.

Johnson, ThomasEngineering Technology, BS, Univ. of Minnesota 

Johnson, Tirae, Business, BS, Iowa State Univ.; MBA, Cleveland State Univ.; MAFM, Keller Graduate School; DBA, Saint Mary's Univ.

Johnson, Willie J.Communication, BA, Hamline Univ.; MA, PhD, Univ. of Minnesota

Jordheim, KristaDietetic Technology; Health, BS, North Dakota State Univ.; MPH, Univ. of Minnesota

Joshi, Nikhil, Economics, BS, MS, St. Cloud State Univ.

Jurney, William M.Biology, BS, PhD, Univ. of Minnesota

Kaintz, AnneChemistry, BS, PhD, Univ. of Minnesota, MS PhD, Penn State Univ.

Kam, Jay, Exercise Science, BS, Seattle Pacific Univ.; MA, Minnesota State Univ., Mankato

Kamara, AndrewEconomics, BS, Univ. of Sierra Leone, West Africa; MS, St. Cloud State Univ.

Karelse, ElizabethMusic, BA, Royal Conservatory of the Hague; MALS, Hamline Univ.; DMA, Univ. of Minnesota

Kasahara, Sue, Physics, BS, PhD, Univ. of Minnesota

Kashani-Legler, RachelDental Hygiene, BS, Minnesota State Univ., Mankato

Kauwenberg-Marsnik, Adam G., Library, BA, Univ. of Minnesota; MLS, Dominican Univ.

Kellogg, DebGerman, BA, Wartburg College; MA, Univ. of Iowa

Kelly, Sandra, Dietetic Technology, BS, Univ. of Minnesota

Kemperman, WillMusic, MA, Univ. of Wisconsin Madison

Kensek, Mary BethDental Hygiene, BS, Univ. of Minnesota

Klages, ElizabethPolitical Science, BA, Carleton College; MA, The Paul H. Nitze School of Advanced International Studies; PhD, Univ. of Minnesota

Klapoetke, KevinPhysics and Mathematics, BS, Univ. of Wisconsin-Stevens Points; PhD, Univ. of Minnesota

Klocek, Yvonne M.Art, BS, State Univ. College of New York; MFA, Rochester Institute of Technology

Klosa, Brian, Communication, BS, Central Michigan Univ.; MA, Minnesota State Univ., Mankato

Knutson, HollyDental Hygiene, BS, Dental Hygiene, Univ. of Iowa; MS, Education, Capella Univ.

Koopman, CindyArt, BA, College of St. Theresa; MFA, Univ. of North Dakota

Korkowski, Kurt, Engineering, BSME, MSME, MSMOT, Univ. of Minnesota

Kothari-Arslan, ReenaMathematics, BS, Univ. of Mumbai, India; MS, Louisiana State Univ.

Kreutzer, HeidiSpanish, BA, Augsburg College; MA, Middlebury College; JD, Univ. of Minnesota

Krook, SusanAnthropology, BA, MA, PhD, Univ. of Colorado

Kurs, Howard M.Computer Science, BA, State Univ. of New York at Buffalo; MS, Penn State Univ.

Kurschner, JamesMusic, BME, Univ. of Wisconsin-River Falls; MM, Northwestern Univ.

Kuyper, Chad, Communication, BS, MA, MFA, Minnesota State Univ. Mankato

Lake, DavidPsychology, BA, MA, Oberlin College; PhD, Univ. of Minnesota

Lakin, GaioPhysics; Engineering, BA, Carleton College; MS, PhD, Univ. of Minnesota-Twin Cities

Lange, Hella L.Psychology; BA, MA, Southern Illinois Univ. Carbondale

Larsen, Carol R.Dental Hygiene, AA, Kalamazoo Valley Community College; BS, MEd, Univ. of Minnesota

Larsen-Quinn, Deanna, English, BA, Hamline Univ.; MFA, Minnesota State Univ., Mankato

Lasswell, John, Engineering Technology, BS, Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology

Lee, Kevin D.Computer Science; Mathematics, BS, MS, Univ. of Minnesota

Li, XiaoshengMathematics, BS, Shanxi Normal Univ.; MS, PhD, Univ. of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

Loeffler, Holly, Health, BS, Univ. of Moorhead; MS, Minnesota State Univ., Mankato, MS, Univ. of Wisconsin, River Falls

Loge, ErikMathematics, BS, MS, Univ. of North Dakota

Longley, Elizabeth J.Chemistry, BA, Hamline Univ.; PhD, Univ. of Pittsburgh

Louwagie, NancyEngineering Technology, BS, North Dakota State Univ., MS, Univ. of Minnesota

Lucke, Jennifer, Health, BS, Iowa State Univ., MEd, Univ. of Minnesota

Luke, DavidArt, BFA, Indiana Univ., Bloomington; MFA, Stony Brook Univ.

Mack, BrianArt, BA, Univ. of Minnesota; MFA, Univ. of Florida

Madzura, M. WilbrodSociology, BA, Univ. of Zimbabwe; MS, PhD, Univ. of Missouri-Columbia

Maertens, Nathan, English

Maltman, ThomasEnglish, BA, Eastern Washington Univ.; MFA, Minnesota State Univ., Mankato

Mamek, Lacey, Library, BA, Mills College; MLIS, St. Catherine Univ.

Manier, LinetteEducation, BS, Univ. of Wisconsin-Stevens Point; MA, Univ. of Minnesota

Mauch, MattEnglish, BA, Briar Cliff Univ.; MA, MFA, Minnesota State Univ., Mankato

McGowan, Patricia M.English, AB, Boston College; MA, MAT, Cornell Univ.

Meek, Anna, English, BA, Yale Univ.; AM, The Johns Hopkins University; MA, MFA, Indiana University

Mein, EricEnglish, BA, Univ. of Maryland, College Park; MFA, Hamline Univ.

Meka, Gautham, Computer Technology, BS, Univ. of Minnesota; MS, DePaul Univ.

Mellinger, Matthew, Computer Technology, BBA, MIS, Texas Tech Univ.; MS ITM, MBA, Univ. of Texas at Dallas

Millen, Ron, Biology, BA, St. John's College; MA, Univ. of Colorado; PhD, Indiana Univ.; PhD, Univ. of Minnesota

Miller, Jennifer, English, BA, Valparaiso Univ.; PhD, Univ. of Minnesota

Miller, LisaBusiness, BA, Univ. of Michigan; MA, Kingston Univ.

Mills, Ann, Biology, BA, Univ. of Minnesota-Morris; MS, Minnesota State Univ-Mankato; MS, Univ. of Nebraska

Miskowiec, Miranda, Chinese

Moe, AaronMusic, BM, Univ. of Wisconsin-Stevens Point; MM, Northern Illinois Univ.

Moe, JonNursing, BA, Mary College; MS, Univ. of Minnesota

Moniri, Mojtaba, Mathematics, BS, MS, Univ. of Tehran; PhD. Univ. of Minnesota

Montero, LuisSpanish, BA, MA, Salamanca Univ., Salamanca, Spain

Mosher, Luke, Library, BA, Covenant College; MLIS, Valdosta State Univ.; MA, Minnesota State Univ. Mankato

Mubarek, Muhumed, Accounting, MS, State Univ. of New York at Binghamton

Muncy, SarahBiology; AA North Hennepin Community College; BS, Winona State Univ.; MS, Univ. of Nebraska

Muro, FusakoJapanese, BA, Gakushuin Univ., Tokyo; MA, Hamline Univ.

Mutiga, MurugiDietetic Technology, BA, Gakushuin Univ., Tokyo; MPtl, Univ. of Minnesota

Myers, PhyllisSociology, BA, College of St. Catherine, MS, PhD, Purdue Univ.

Nadkarni, Nitin N.Sociology; Business; Hospitality, Diploma/Post Diploma, Institute of Hotel Management, Catering Technology and Applied Nutrition, Bombay, India; MS, Univ. of Wisconsin-Stout

Nagel, MarkBusiness, BAAS, Univ. of Delaware; MPA, Ohio State Univ.; MBA, Univ. of St. Thomas

Narvaez, Eric G.Spanish, BA, Universidad de las Americas Mexico City; MA, Univ. of Minnesota

Natrop, MichelleNursing, BSN, College of St. Catherine; MSN, Univ. of Phoenix

Ness, Nikki, Mathematics, BA, MS, Univ. of Minnesota

Neymark, MillardChemistry, BS, Univ. of Michigan; MS, Univ. of Minnesota

Ngwendson, Julius,  Chemistry, BS, MS, Univ. of Buea, Cameroon; Ph.D., Univ. of North Dakota 

Nikles, CharlesPsychology, BA, Univ. of Minnesota, Morris; PhD, Univ. of Minnesota

Norgard, Dan, Economics, BS, Univ. of North Dakota; MS, Univ. of North Dakota

Norton, JackHistory, BA, Wittenberg Univ.; MA, UNC Greensboro; PhD, Univ. of Minnesota

Oakes, SuzanneCommunication, BA, MA, Bethel Univ.

O’Donnell, PatrickEnglish, BA, MA, Univ. College Dublin, Ireland

Oden, WadeMusic, BM, MM, Univ. of Minnesota

Oliveira, Fabiana, English for Academic Purposes, BA, Pontifical Catholic Univ. of Sao Paulo; MA, Minnesota State Univ., Mankato

Olsen, JeffreyMusic, BA, MA, Univ. of St. Thomas

Olson, John M.Philosophy, BA, Gustavus Adolphus; MA, PhD, Purdue Univ.

Olson, Kaye, Computers/Information Management, BS, Mankato State Univ.; MEd, Univ. of Minnesota-St. Paul 

Opheim, Carrie Ketel, Biology, AA, Bethany Lutheran College; BS, Univ. of Wisconsin-Madison; Ph.D., Univ. of Minnesota

Orsi, LillianaWorld Languages

Orthey, JodyReading, BA, Univ. of Wisconsin-Madison; MA, Univ. of St. Thomas

Padron, VictorMathematics, BA, Univ. Central de Venezuela; PhD, Univ. of Minnesota

Parkes, Maureen, Education, BA, College of St. Catherine; Med, Bethel Univ.; EdD, St. Mary's Univ.

Patel, Ash I.Accounting; Business, BC, St. Xavier’s College, Calcutta, India; MBA, Univ. of Dallas

Patry, Jeffrey, Music

Pearson, KarriCommunication, AA, Normandale Community College; BA, St. Cloud State Univ.; MA, Bethel College

Peifer, JillHealth, BS, Univ. of Minnesota; MEd, Univ. of Minnesota

Pendaz-Foster, SadieSociology, BA, Grand Valley State Univ.; PhD., Univ. of Minnesota

Peters, Sue, Psychology, NCC, ASN, St. Mary's Junior College; BS, Augsburg College; PsyD Clinical Psychology, Minnesota School of Professional Psychology

Peterson, Penny, Nursing, BSN, Crown College; MSN, Walden Univ.

Peterson, Stacey, Psychology,  PhD, Florida Institute of Technology

Petrich, LindaSociology, BS, Oklahoma State Univ.; MA, Univ. of Minnesota

Piotrowska, JoannaChemistry, MS, PhD, M. Curie-Sklodowska Univ., Poland

Plachejo, Alvaro, Economics, BS, Pontificia Univ.; MS, St. Cloud State Univ.

Polikowsky, Laura, Exercise Science, BS, Gustavus Adolphus College, MS, Univ. of Minnesota

Polzin, James J.Computer Science, BS, MS, Minnesota State Univ., Mankato

Popp-Cronin, Cynthia J., Nursing, BSN, College of St. Benedict; MSN, St. Catherine Univ.

Pottebaum, Ken, Physics; Engineering, BS, MS, Oklahoma State Univ.; Ph.D., Univ. of Texas at Austin

Potts, JeffreySociology (LAWE), BA, Concordia Univ., MA, Univ. of St. Thomas

Pugliese, SamanthaAccounting, BS, MS, Univ. of Nevada

Pulling, Catherine M.French, BA, MA, PhD, Univ. of Minnesota

Raasch, LindaPsychology, BA, MS, Moorhead State Univ.; EdD, Univ. of South Dakota

Raasch, RodneyPsychology, BS, Univ. of North Dakota; MEd, North Dakota State Univ.

Raetz, LisaBiology, BA, Gustavus Adolphus College; MS, Univ. of Illinois

Rafferty, Liam, Mathematics, BA, Univ. of Rochester; PhD, Univ. of Montana

Red Feather, JanetEnglish, BA, Albright College; MA, Case Western Reserve Univ.; JD, Golden Gate Univ. School of Law

Reid, MelissaReading, BA, MA, Bemidji State Univ.

Reigstad, Bridget V.Psychology, BA, St. Catherine's Univ.; MS, Ph.D., Univ. of Wisconsin-Milwaukee

Reimringer, JohnEnglish, BS, Univ. of Kansas; MFA, Univ. of Arkansas

Reini-Grandell, LynetteEnglish, BA, Carleton College; MA, PhD, Univ. of Minnesota

Rejto, PeggyMathematics, BA, College of New Rochelle; MS, New York Univ.; MA, Univ. of Minnesota

Renquist, Mary L.Nursing, BS, College of St. Teresa; MSN, Duke Univ.

Reutter, Michael A.Biology, BA, Gustavus Adolphus College; MS, Florida State Univ.; PhD, Univ. of Florida

Robinson, Ruth, Chemistry, BA, Carleton College; PhD, Univ. of California-Berkeley

Rosenblum, AvaSociology; Women’s Studies, BA, Pennsylvania State Univ.; MS, PhD, Univ. of Oregon

Rosenblum, Mark, Health, BS, Colorado State Univ.

Rosenfeld, Nina, English for Academic Purposes, BA, Univ. of Rochester; MA, MFA, Bowling Green State Univ.

Rottach, LazareArt, BS, Concordia Univ.; MFA, Kansas State Univ.

Rude, Lisa, History, BA, Carroll College; MA, Sarah Lawrence College; PhD, Univ. of Maine

Ryan-Guest, Anne MarieEconomics, BA, MS, Univ. of Wisconsin-River Falls

Sabourin, Paul D.Geography, BA, Macalester College; MA, PhD, Univ. of Minnesota

Sandberg, Victoria, Biology, BA, JD, PhD, Univ. of Minnesota

Satoh, YoshioJapanese, BA, Miyagi Univ. of Education, Miyagi, Japan; MA, Univ. of Minnesota

Seiford, Linda, Psychology, MS, PhD, Capella Univ.

Shelton (Koebele), Ashleigh, Communication, BA Univ. of Minnesota-Duluth; MA, Univ. of Minnesota

Shermak, BillAccounting, BA, Western Michigan Univ.; MEd, Arizona State Univ.; MBA, Capella Univ.

Skjei, Molly K.Art, BA, Univ. of Portland; MA, Univ. of St. Thomas

Smith, Max L.English, AS, Lakeland Community College; BA, MA, Sangamon State Univ.; MA, Univ. of Kentucky

Smith, Megan, Dental Hygiene, BS, Minnesota State Univ., Mankato

Snyder, Alison, Mathematics, BS, Univ. of Michigan; MS, Univ. of Minnesota 

Socha, KimberlyEnglish, BA, Rosemount College; MA, Rutgers Univ.; PhD, Indiana Univ.

Somerville, AntoinetteNursing, BS, BNS, Marquette Univ.; MS, MSN, Univ. of Minnesota

Sparrow, CindyGeography, BS, Mankato State Univ., MS, Mankato State Univ.

St. Anthony, DeborahNursing, BSN, MEd, Univ. of Minnesota

Steele, Derek D.Engineering; Physics, BSE, Univ. of Michigan; MS, Univ. of Arizona; PhD, Univ. of Michigan

Stenbom, Jeffrey, Art

Stucki, JudithMathematics, BS, Minnesota State Univ.-Mankato; MEd, Univ. of Minnesota

Sullivan, Stephen X.Sociology; Criminal Justice; Law Enforcement, BA, Metropolitan State Univ.; MA, Univ. of St. Thomas; AOC Graduate, Southern Police Institute, Univ. of Louisville

Sundquist, ThomasMathematics, BS, PhD, Univ. of Minnesota

Supernault, Brandon, Hospitality Management, BS, State Univ. of New York at Plattsburgh; Graduate Cert., Univ. of North Texas; MS, State Univ. of New York, College at Buffalo

Sureshrajadurai, SalomieMathematics, BSc, Women's Christian College, Univ. of Madras; MScEd. Univ. of Mysore; MEd, Annamalai Univ. India

Swanson, AmyPsychology, BA, Univ. of Minnesota-Morris; PsyD, Minnesota School of Professional Psychology

Swanson, Emily, English, BA, St. Olaf College; PhD, Univ. of Minnesota

Swarsensky, GeraldAccounting, BBA, Univ. of Wisconsin-Madison; JD, Univ. of Wisconsin Law School; LLM, New York Univ.

Taylor, NickGeology, BS, Univ. of Minnesota; MS, Univ. of Southern California

Thaden-Koch, BrookeSociology, BA, MA, Univ. of Nebraska, Lincoln

Thelen, Gary, Economics, BA, Michigan State Univ.; MPA, Woodrow Wilson School, Princeton Univ.

Tiffe, Raechel, Communication, BA, MA, DePaul Univ.; PhD, Univ. of Minnesota

Tinucci, HelenNursing, BSN, Metropolitan State Univ. 

Tix, AndrewPsychology, BS, Univ. of Wisconsin-Madison; PhD, Univ. of Minnesota

Tix, Angela, Mathematics, BA, Grinnell College; MA, Univ. of Northern Iowa

Tura, Yisehak, Nursing, AS, Normandale Community College; BSN, Metropolitan State Univ.; MS, Minnesota State Univ.

Vrieze Daniels, David, Library

Wagner, DouglasSociology; Criminal Justice; Law Enforcement, BA, MS, St. Cloud State Univ.

Wang, AlexEnglish, BA, MA, Shandong Univ.; MA, Univ. of Minnesota

Ward, RonaldGeography, AA, Inver Hills Community College; BA, Univ. of Minnesota; MA, PhD, Univ. of Georgia

Wardell, EricEnglish, BA, Univ. of Minnesota-Morris; MA, West Virginia Univ.

Wasielewski, Amanda, Health, BA, MPH, Univ. of Minnesota

Wattman, JudithNursing, BSN, Univ. of Minnesota, MA, Bethel Univ.

Weatherby, EileenNursing, BS, MB, MSN, Univ. of Alaska

Weinbeck, Tony, Physics, BS, M.I.T.; MS, Tufts Univ.

Wellington, RobertMathematics, MS, Ph.D., Univ. of Chicago

Wells, RichardComputer Science, AB, Carleton College; MS, Univ. of St. Thomas; MS Emporia State Univ.

Wesson, JosephEconomics, BS, Univ. of Minnesota; PhD, Auburn Univ.

Weum, Lauren, Mathematics, BS, MS, MEd, Univ. of Minnesota-Twin Cities

Whalen, Samantha, BiologyBS, Texas A&M; ME, MS, Univ. of Houston

Whillock, RandEngineering Technology, BA, MS, Univ. of Minnesota-Institute of Technology

White, Amanda, Theatre, BA, Truman State Univ.; MFA, Minnesota State Univ. Mankato; MA, Columbia Univ.

White, Suzanne, Communication, BA, Minnesota State Univ. Mankato; MS, Illinois State Univ.

Whited, DebraEnglish, BA, BAA, MA, Univ. of Minnesota, Duluth

Widenhofer, Jerry, Health, BA, Muskigum College; MBA, The Ohio State Univ.

Wijesinghe, Kathy, Mathematics, BA, Augustana College; Ph.D., Univ. of Iowa

Wiley, Jessica,  Education, BA, Univ. of Minnesota; MEd, Minnesota State Univ. - Mankato; EdD, Hamline Univ.

Willaert, Laura, Nursing, BSN, MEd, Minnesota State Univ., Mankato; MNE, Winona State Univ.

Willey, KendraDietetic Technology, AA, Normandale Community College; BS, Minnesota State Univ.; MA, St. Catherine's Univ.

Windschitl, Kristin, Health, BS, Univ. of North Carolina; MPH, East Carolina Univ.

Winters, Adam, Health, BA, Upper Iowa Univ.

Wittstruck, Martha M.Art, BA, Millersville State College; MFA, Univ. of Nebraska

Wyant, CarissaPhilosophy, BA, Wellesley College; MA, Yale Univ.

Wyberg, TerrenceMathematics, BMath, BS, MS, PhD, Univ. of Minnesota

Youngvorst, LucasCommunication, BA, Gustavus Adolphus College; MA, University of Minnesota- Mankato; PhD, Univ. of Minnesota

Zachman, Megan, Education, BA, Univ. of Minnesota- Morris; MEd, St. Catherine Univ. 

Zank, Tracy, Anthropology, BS, Univ. of Wisconsin- Stout; MA, PhD, Univ. of Minnesota

Zarse, StephanieDental Hygiene, BS, BSDH, Univ. of California; MSDH, Univ. of Missouri-Kansas City

Zedingle, GhideiMathematics, BS, MS, Addis Ababa Univ., Ethiopia; PhD, Lodz Univ., Poland

Applied Music Instructors

Anderson, Angela, Oboe

Anderson, Robert, String bass

Eckberg, Marissa, Viola

Eliason, Margaret, Harp

Giering-DeHaan, Jane, Voice

Gilkey, Mary, Flute

Gronemann, Robert, Piano

Hess, Jeffrey, Voice

Kemperman, Will, Percussion

Kieffer, Mark, Organ

Klemp, Marilee, Oboe

Kruse, Kristi, Piano

Kurschner, James, Saxophone

Marshall, Richard, Viola

Menard, Michael, Guitar

Oden, Wade, Guitar

Pinsonneault, Ona, Clarinet

Stojkovic, Dragon, Violin

Tranter, John, Euphonium

Van Stavern, Brian, French Horn, Trombone, Tuba, Euphonium

Westbrook, Nina, Cello

Normandale Staff

Abuta, DamarisHuman Resources

Albrecht, Nancy, Copy Center

Allen, KaylaOffice for Students with Disabilities

Amay, Juan, Bookstore

Anderson, Kevin, Public Safety

Arnold, Angie, Academic Affairs

Avaloz, De'Andre, TRIO/Upward Bound

Bakke, Sherri, Academic Affairs

Barr, Terri, Humanities

Bassani, LizHuman Resources

Becker, Jeffrey, Facilities Management

Benshop, Brian, Marketing Communications

Beron, Matthew, Kopp Student Center

Bestland, Stacy, Public Safety

Blamoh, Marcus, Information Technology Services

Blanchot-Aboubi, Garance, Advising and Counseling

Blazer, Betty, Health Sciences

Bolling, Kelly, Chemistry

Bowling-Harris, Antoinette, Office of Admissions

Brown, Dale, Art

Bui, Vinh, Information Technology Services

Burns, Jacqueline, Library

Busch, Jeremy, Public Safety

Byron Barfknecht, Tricia, Advising and Counseling

Cao, Diep, Facilities Management

Carey, Ellen, Advising and Counseling

Carney, LeAnn, Office of Admissions

Caulkins, Randall, Facilities Management

Chapman, Chandler, Information Technology Services

Christianson, Kimberly, Library

Cimino, Dana, Advising and Counseling

Clark, Maria, Academy of Math and Science

Cooke, BeenaTutoring Center

Cooper, Dawn, Human Resources

Craig, Kris, President's Office

Daly, Miranda, Copy Center

Davis, Michael, Academic Affairs/Education

Dejvongsa, Taylor, Payments and Billing Office

Dixon, TinaRecords Office

Dresen, TiffanyBookstore

Dualeh, Mustafa, Advising and Counseling

Eischen, Megan, Marketing

Elizondo, Gretchen, Office of Admissions

Engelhard, Mary, Facilities Management

Erbele, Jane, Office of Financial Aid and Scholarships

Ereg, Sahra, Biology

Fechtelkotter, Amy, Bookstore

Feldkamp, Lucas, Office of Admissions

Fenton, Jane, Normandale Foundation

Fowler, Amy, Academic Affairs

Gaul, Jennifer, Purchasing and Contracts Office

Gillard, Adam, Information Technology Services

Glab, Kelly, University Partnerships

Goodner, Aron, Chemistry 

Grewe, DianneAcademic Affairs

Griffin, Mark, Facilities Management

Grout, Joseph, Facilities Management

Guiher, DerekFiscal Services

Gula, GalinaPayments and Billing Office

Hagen, Dan, Office for Students with Disabilities

Halasz, Michael, Facilities Management

Hanneman, Kyle, Mathematics 

Harrison, AucuriaTRIO/Student Support Services

Hetzer, JenniferPayments and Billing Office

Hills, BillMail Services

Hines, Larry, Facilities Management

Hudson, Jeff, Continuing Education and Customized Training

Hummel, Dylan, Information Technology Services

Huson, Piia, Art

Huynh, TamInformation Technology Services

Ignatenkov, PavelInformation Technology Services

Jerkovich, Donald, Information Technology Services

Johnson, Brady, Kopp Student Center/Student Life

Juno, RachelOffice of Financial Aid and Scholarships

Kaminsen, Heather, TRIO/Student Support Services

Karasev, LarisaPayments and Billing Office

Katoa, Simote, Advising and Counseling

Kaufman, Sam, Facilities Management

Kielblock, Shannon, Office of Admissions

Kilzer, Karen, Office of Financial Aid and Scholarships

King, Kris, Information Technology Services

Kircher, James, TRIO/Student Success Services

Klein, Melissa, Records Office

Klepperich, Charles, Academy of Math and Sciences

Knutson, SamanthaAcademic Affairs

Krueger, GeorgeKopp Student Center/Facilities Management

Kuang, Xiaoai, Facilities Management  

Kuleshov, Vladmir, Facilities Management

Lao, Vutheara, Facilities Management

Lapanne, Tim, New Student Program Liaison

Lau Fong, Amy, Information Technology Services

Lawrence-Porter, Njia, Advising and Counseling

Levy, KeAnna, Office of Admissions

Liu, Miaoden, Facilities Management

Liu, Chaowei, Facilities Management

Lor, ChueInformation Technology Services

Ludden, Trevor, Chemistry 

Marquez, Lilly, Purchasing and Contracts Office

Marshall, Samantha, Academic Affairs

Martin, LaCresha, Advising and Counseling

Maxwell, Ryan, Office of Admissions

McMillan, Judy, Office of Financial Aid and Scholarships

McNamara, Jeremy, New Student Program Liaison

Melnichuk, Svitlana, Information Technology Services

Men, Sokhose, Facilities Management

Men, Yem, Facilities Management

Meyers, Jason, Mail Services

Mikkelson, Chiharu, Advising and Counseling

Miller, Kevin, Office of Admissions

Miller, Terry, Facilities Management

Miller-Chang, Yeng, Research and Planning

Moalim, Aziz, Information Technology Services

Monge, RonaldInformation Technology Services

Moua, KatherineOffice of Admissions

Murray, Stephen, Office of Admissions

Muse, Abdikarim, Payments and Billing

Nelson, Asia, TRIO/Student Support Services

Ness, Todd, Facilities Management

Neymark, Sami, Biology

Nguyen, Chuong, Information Technology Services

Nguyen, Danny, Facilities Management

Nguyen, Hieu, Continuing Education and Custromized Training

Nguyen, HungFacilities Management

Nguyen, Thang, Information Technology Services

Nordlie, Catherine, Tutoring Center

Nybakken, Julie, Mathematics

O'Dell, Peter, Information Technology Services

Odor, Howard, Retention Services

Olsen, Jeffrey, Music

Osell, Steve, Engineering Technology

Ouse, Martin, Library

Overton, Dwight, Bookstore

Palmer, Harry, Facilities Management

Parker-Der Boghossian, John, Human Resources

Passmore, Nissa, Facilities Management

Patry, Jeffrey, Music

Patzner, Daniel, Facilities Management

Person, Tyler, Tutoring Center

Petty, Clayton, Information Technology Services

Pofahl, Janel, Public Safety

Pond, Karen, Kopp Student Center

Proehl, Angela, Office of Financial Aid and Scholarships

Pruchnicki, Sarah, Student Affairs

Puissegur, Carol, Information Technology Services

Quinones, Sandi, Academic Affairs

Ramos, EnriqueInformation Technology Services

Ramsingh, Kelly, Facilities Management

Rannikko, J.R., Biology

Ratajczak, AmyContinuing Education and Customized Training

Riley, James, Research and Planning

Rodgers, Andrew, Facilities Management

Ross, Shanna, Bookstore

Roush, Sandi, Payments and Billing Office

Rusinak, Adam, Humanities/Advising and Counseling

Salinas Vega, Francisco, Office of Admissions

San, Savattey, Facilities Management

Sauter, Todd, Facilities Management

Schlenker, Scott, Information Technology Services

Schmitt, Linda, Human Resources

Schneider, Amy, Library

Schnoor, Jim, Public Safety

Schumann, LaurenOffice for Students with Disabilities

Seleski-Johnson, Rachel, Kopp Student Center/Student Life

Shirk, Deborah, Continuing Education and Customized Training

Simonson, Rae, Fiscal Services

Sloane, Alex, Biology

So, Thet, Facilities Management

Solverson, Mary, Marketing Communications

Stark, Sandra, Records Office

Stickney, Martin, Fab Lab 

Stiehl, JacquelineTutoring Center

Stockdill, Thomas, Facilities Management 

Sutliff, Martha, Facilities Management

Sutton, Jim, Advising and Counseling

Svoboda, Crystal, New Student Programs Liaison

Taylor, Kiara, Health Sciences

Terry, Penny, Records Office

Thomas, JenniferCenter for Experiential Education

Tischendorf, Sue, Information Technology Services

Torborg, Dan, Continuing Education and Customized Training

Trafton, Brenda, Office of Financial Aid and Scholarships

Tsibulko, Liliya, Information Technology Services

Utley, Stephanie, Public Safety

Vadnais, Steve, Biology

Vang, Jen, Biology

Viergets, Jami, Geography/Geology, Engineering/Physics

Vo, DiemPartnership Programs

Walker, PatrickInformation Technology Services

Walker, VelvetContinuing Education and Customized Training

Weiland, RachadaFinance and Research

Wessel, Ryan, Office of Admissions

Wheeler, Paige, Center for Experiential Education

White, Kenny, TRIO/Student Support Services

Whitmore, Marvin, Facilities Management

Williams, Aaron, Facilities Management 

Williams, AnaliseOffice for Students with Disabilities

Wilson, Geri, Office for Students with Disabilities

Wing, AmberOffice of Financial Aid and Scholarships

Xiong, BernadetteContinuing Education and Customized Training

York, LoriAdvising and Counseling

Zoul, CindyAcademic Affairs