NURS 1057

Nursing Assistant Certificate

The Nursing Assistant Certificate course prepares the student to provide physical nursing care to individuals in long term care facilities, hospitals, or board and care homes. Students learn how to measure vital signs and assist individuals with physical needs such as personal hygiene, elimination, mobility, exercise, and nutrition. This course also includes information on emotional, spiritual, and psychosocial needs, and basic training in behavior management for persons with dementia. Students participate on campus in lecture and by practicing in the lab. Students apply what they have learned in class to residents in a long term care facility during 24 hours of clinical participation at the end of the course. Attendance is MANDATORY, per Department of Health regulations. Students successfully completing this course are ready to take the Pearson VUE Nursing Assistant Competency Test. After passing this test students can be placed on the Minnesota Department of Health Nursing Assistant Registry. Weekly average of 2 hours lecture/3 hours lab/3 hours clinical.

Credits: 4
Semesters: Fall, Spring

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