POLS 1195

Conflict and Negotiation

Politics is conflict over values, ideas, and resources. Political Science is, in part, the study of conflict and conflict management. This course introduces students to perspectives on power and conflict and to diverse strategies for resolving conflict in various political, legal, social and cultural settings.  This course develops expertise, confidence, and skills for managing, transforming, and engaging conflict constructively, primarily through negotiation and mediation.  Students reflect on their own style of conflict management and dispute resolution and on the roles of power, conflict, and negotiation at the individual, group, organizational, state, and system levels. The course is extremely hands-on and interactive. Extensive, frequent role plays and simulations demonstrate course themes and provide opportunities to practice managing conflict, resolving disputes, negotiating, and mediating.  

Credits: 3
Semesters: Fall
MnTC Goals: 5 , 7

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