MATH 0603

Pre-College Math 3

Prereq: MATH 0602

MATH 0601, MATH 0602 and MATH 0603 present a complete review of pre-college level mathematics. Topics include polynomials, equation solving, systems of linear equations, graphing, data analysis, rational expressions and equations, radicals and radical equations, quadratic equations, functions, variation, logarithmic and exponential equations. Other topics such as signed numbers, proportions, percent, fractions, decimals, geometry, operations and problem solving with real numbers may be included for some students, as determined by various assessments, in order to support mastery of course topics. Students who complete a portion of the topics may receive extra credit in pre-algebra or elementary algebra.  Students who complete all the topics will receive an extra credit in intermediate algebra. MATH 601 represents the first semester of developmental math. Students requiring more than one semester will continue with MATH 0602 and/or MATH 0603.

Credits: 3

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