ENGC 0900

Preparation for College Writing

Prereq: ENGC 0800, (C or higher) and eligible for READ 0960, or eligible for ENGC 0900 and READ 0960

This course focuses on writing skills needed to write essays. During the semester, students 1) understand the planning and writing process for thesis-focused, multi-paragraph essays; 2) develop ideas in paragraphs containing a topic sentence, clear order, adequate detail, transitions, and a conclusion; 3) become familiar with the basic process of research and citation; 4) demonstrate conventional grammatical sentence structure, punctuation, and spelling; 5) move towards college-level vocabulary and usage. Sources for writing model analysis and study include published articles and essays and assigned student work. Students must pass the course with a C/P or better to move on to ENGC 1101.

Credits: 4
Semesters: Fall, Spring

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