EDUC 1220

Spanish for Educators 2

Prereq: EDUC 1120

Spanish for Educators 2 is the second of two courses designed for English-speaking educators who need to develop basic conversational Spanish skills in order to communicate with Spanish-speaking students and their parents on a wide variety of school-related topics. In this course, students will learn to construct sentences and questions using twelve "high-frequency" structures in Spanish, along with one hundred and twenty verbs relevant to educational settings. Students continue to develop vocabulary related to classroom and school settings. Situational dialogues and role-plays are an important part of this course. Along with developing conversational skills, attention is given to further development of beginning listening, reading and writing skills. Cultural practices and perspectives are presented through the art and literature of the Spanish-speaking peoples. The cultural components in Spanish for Educators 2 are designed to encourage teachers to use authentic Hispanic art and literature in their own classrooms or school communities to raise awareness and understanding about the cultures of Spanish-speaking peoples in Minnesota and the United States. 

Credits: 3
Semesters: Spring

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