CIM 1201

Information Technology Concepts and Business Software 1

Recommended: Keyboarding and proofreading skills. This course is taught using Microsoft Office latest version business software for a PC.
Prereq: Eligible for READ 0860, and ENGC 0900

The purpose of the course is to prepare students for their future academic and professional pursuits using computers. The outcomes are designed to give students the tools to exceed the minimum expectations of employers. The course includes computer concepts and computer application software. The students will learn computer concepts of how computers operate, how they are used in industry, and how they improve communications. They will learn computer hardware, software and development, personal productivity software, data communications, the World Wide Web and e-mail, the social challenge, and career options. The students will learn computer application software using document production in word processing, spreadsheets, and database management. Students will create text-based documents to include letters, research reports in MLA and APA formatting with citations, one-page brochure with clip art, page and section breaks, reviewing/tracking features, and creating a resume as a web page; use the formula features, charting, functions, pivot tables and goal seeking for spreadsheets; and use the database features to create tables and reports, import data from Excel, set validation rules, and establish referential integrity of data including sorting and querying to gain skills to use in other courses or in the workplace. This course is required for most upper level Management Information Systems classes at 4-year colleges. (Same as BUSN 1201).

Credits: 3
Semesters: Fall, Spring

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