ANTH 1148

Seeing Culture Through Film and Fieldwork

Participant observation has been, and continues to be, the primary method used by anthropologists in evaluating culture. Students who take this course, either as a supplement to introductory cultural anthropology or as an alternative to typical cultural anthropology courses, will learn to actively participate in the examination of culture. Ethnographic fieldwork and/or media-based visual essays will be developed and presented in the classroom. Through this type of hands-on experience (participant observation), students will come to understand how film, photography, music, and fieldwork interviews, as examples, play major roles in the evaluation of cross-cultural materials. As part of the seeing and doing exercises in this course, students will review basic anthropological concepts, emphasizing trends in the analysis of societal cultural dynamics. The individual student projects will represent the culmination of full experiential learning in anthropology.   

Credits: 3
Semesters: Fall, Spring
MnTC Goals: 5 , 8

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