Transfer Credits

Transfer Credit Appeals

Appeals of the transcript evaluation are done by completing the Academic Petition form, available on the Official Forms page of the Normandale website. The academic petition will be reviewed by an academic dean and, if appropriate, the academic department. Notification of the outcome will be emailed to the student's account within three weeks of the date the petition was received.

If a student is not satisfied with the college's transfer appeal decision, the student may submit a request to the Senior Vice Chancellor of Academic and Student Affairs for a System level appeal of the college's transfer appeal decision.

  • A student shall appeal a transfer decision at the college or university level prior to appeal at the system level.
  • The system level appeal request shall include a copy of the college or university transfer appeal decision with supporting rationale, transcript and other documentation.
  • To be considered, the student appeal for a decision that involves credits from system colleges and universities must have the support of the chief academic officer or designee of the sending system college or university. When a transfer decision involves credit earned at an institution outside the system colleges and universities, the support of a chief academic officer or designee is not required.
  • Upon receipt of the system level appeal, there shall be a review by Minnesota State System Office transfer staff. The review shall be based on course descriptions, outlines, objectives, learning outcomes, and/or other relevant information. The transfer staff shall submit a recommendation to the Senior Vice Chancellor for Academic and Student Affairs.

The Senior Vice Chancellor of Academic and Student Affairs shall make a final determination regarding disposition of the appeal. The decision of the Senior Vice Chancellor shall be binding on all system college and university parties. Additional information can be found at under "Always Keep in Mind."